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Komori has been advancing the concept of Connected Automation. This approach optimizes overall factory operation and maximizes productivity by connecting machines and systems. Komori is offering a full portfolio of machines and systems that incorporate Connected Automation in practical technologies, promoting significant automation on the print production floor.

MBO Postpress Solutions Discount UK & Ireland

MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH is moving to a direct sales channel in the United Kingdom and Ireland. From 1 September 2021, Komori UK will take over exclusive responsibility for marketing, sales, parts and after-sales business for all MBO and H+H brand products. To receive the discount, we would like to know a brief list of your current finishing equipment before 30 September 2021. You will receive a discount of 12,5% on your first service and/or Parts order.

Komori is hiring

As a leading global manufacturer of offset and digital press and post-press machinery, Komori continues to evolve pressroom technology to change the face of print. Technology is only one part of our success; the biggest contribution comes from our people. Komori currently has a fantastic new opportunities to join our expanding team.

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Komori Graphic Center-Europe

We offer impressive and easy-to-use digital and offset printing presses, combined with state-of-the-art technologies and excellent service. Those three elements converge in our Komori Graphic Center-Europe, where we host inspiring and engaging events and demonstrations, tailored to your individual printing needs.

“Our Komori Graphic Center-Europe is the pinnacle of creativity, design, innovation and overall possibilities. A visit is well worth your time, especially since we amaze all who enter those doors.” Ken Sagawa, President, Komori Europe

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