Start Smart, Finish Better. Komori's Smart Factory.

Our Komori Graphic Center-Europe is entirely seamlessly connected, showcasing the possibilities of Smart Industry 4.0, automation and data exchange. Come and discover the potential of a true Smart Factory with a tailor-made demonstration.

'Innovate to Create'

We offer you impressive and easy to use digital and offset printing presses, combined with state-of-the-art technologies and excellent service. Those three elements meet in our Komori Graphic Center-Europe, where we host inspiring and surprising events and demonstrations, tailored to your printing needs.

The printing industry needs to transform itself and shift from manufacturing to creating. We help you achieve successes with 'Innovate to Create', creating new value with customers through the technologies of the future. It brings you into the next era of print: creating.

“Our Komori Graphic Center-Europe is the pinnacle of creativity, design, innovation and overall possibilities. A visit is well worth your time, especially since we amaze all who enter those doors.” Ken Sagawa, President Komori Europe


We offer several types of print applications to perfect and simplify the way you fulfil your customers’ printing needs. Drip-off, H-UV or metalized substrates. Our technology gives you a variety of options and possibilities and used in conjunction with a Komori Lithrone press, excellent printing results and satisfied customers.

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