97 years of heritage

Komori Iron Works (1923)
Komori Iron Works (1923)

Komori Machine Works, later known as the Komori Corporation, was founded in October 1923 in Tokyo, Japan. Just two years later, the first Lithograph roll printing press was developed.

Three decades later, Komori introduced the first four-colour offset press, the UM-4C. Komori had seen the benefit and added value of education, and in 1968 established the Komori Printing School, the first-ever printing school in the world.

The international exposure Komori received led to the establishment of Komori America Corporation (1982), and Komori Europe Limited (1984), located in Leeds, U.K., today known as Komori UK.

Only five years later Komori-Chambon (1989) was established in the French city of Orléans, focusing on packaging printing presses.

In 1991, Komori introduced Komori France S.A.S., just outside Paris, and Komori Italia Srl in that same year. Today, our European headquarter is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

‘Project D’, the world’s first B1 digital imaging press was launched in 2000 at Drupa, in Germany, the industry’s biggest tradeshow.

UM-4C 44-inch single-colour offset printing press (1957)
Sekiyado factory (1978)

The groundbreaking H-UV development was honoured by the Japanese Society of Printing Science and Technology in 2011. That same year marked the introduction of the Komori G40.

The first-ever digital Komori printing press, the Impremia IS29, was successfully launched in 2016.

In 2019 the total number of orders for printing presses equipped with Komori H-UV systems exceeded 1,000 installations globally.

Eiji Kajita President, Komori Europe
“We are writing the next chapter of Komori history today. What will your role be? The pen is yours.”

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