Founded in Japan in October of 1923, Komori has been a pioneer in the world of printing equipment and technologies for decades. Now, in the 21st century, we are known as a reliable and trustworthy partner with branches all over the world. 

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100 years of heritage, rising from the ashes

Komori Iron Works (1923)
Komori Iron Works (1923)

On October 20, 1923, 50 days after the Great Kanto Earthquake struck, the brothers Zenshichi and Yoshikazu Komori, the founders of the Company, establishes Komori Machine Works. The first offset press was developed in 1928. The Company was reorganized as Komori Printing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 1946 with Zenshichi Komori appointed as president.

Since its founding in 1923, Komori has specialized in the manufacture of printing machinery and thus contributed to the advancement of the printing industry, which plays a key role in social and cultural development. In the course of these endeavors, we have been striving to continuously deliver Kando-customer satisfaction beyond the expectations-in line with our management philosophy.

1923 - 1943

  • 1923: Komori Machine Works, later known as the Komori Corporation, was founded in October 1923 in Tokyo, Japan.
  • 1925: The first Lithograph roll printing press was developed.
  • 1928: Manual sheetfed 32-inch offset press is developed.
Hand press (1925)
44 inch 2 color offset press (1951)

1944 - 1963

  • 1946: Komori Printing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is founded in Azumabashi, Sumida-ku,Tokyo (present HQ)
  • 1957: First Komori 43" four-color sheetfed press (UM-4C) is developed
  • 1961: Dry offset banknote press is delivered to the Japan Printing Bureau, Ministry of Finance.

1964 - 1983

  • 1968: The Komori Printing School was established because of the benefit and added value of education. This was the first-ever printing school in the world
  • 1982: Komori America Corporation (in the suburb of Chicago) is established
25 inch 1 color offset press Uni L-25A (1966)
Lithrone with APC (1990)

1984 - 2003

  • 1984: Komori Europe Limited (present Komori U.K. Limited) is established.
  • 1988: Komori Europe B.V. (present Komori International Europe) in Utrecht, the Netherlands is established.
  • 1989: Komori-Chambon was established in the French city of Orléans, focusing on packaging printing presses.
  • 1990: Full-APC, the world's first automatic plate-changer, is developed. Komori Italia S.R.L was established.
  • 1991: Komori France S.A.S. is established.
  • 1996: Full banknote printing lines are delivered to the Reserve Bank of India.
  • 1997: Sales of the Lithrone series products exceed 10,000 units. 
  • 2002: 1st Phase construction of the Tsukuba Plant is completed and operation starts. The cutting-edge machine "Lithrone S40" is developed.

2004 - 2013

  • 2004: Web Offset Press "SYSTEM 35S" is developed.
  • 2007: 44" Offset Printing Press "Lithrone S44" is announced at IGAS2007.
  • 2008: 40" Offset Printing Press "Lithrone SX40" is announced at drupa2008.
  • 2010: 29" Offset Printing Press "Enthrone29" is announced at IPEX20
  • 2011:The groundbreaking H-UV development was honored by the Japanese Society of Printing Science and Technology & 40" Offset Printing Press "Lithrone G40" is announced
  • 2012: 37" Offset Printing Press "Lithrone A37" is developed.& The global strategic partnership agreement for Nanography is signed with Landa Corporation. & Gravure Offset Press "PEPIO F20" and "PEPIO R20" for Printed Electronics are announced.& 40" Front/Reverse Multi-Color Offset Printing Press "LITHRONE GX40RP" is developed.
Lithrone GX40 RP 10-color (2012)
Lithrone G37P (2018)

2014 - 2022

  • 2014: 40" Offset Printing Press "LITHRONE GX40" is developed.
  • 2015: Programmable Hydraulic Clamp Cutter "Apressia CT115/CT137" are announced.& 29" Sheetfed UV Inkjet Digital Printing System "Impremia IS29“.
  • 2016: 26"/29" Offset Printing Press "Lithrone G26/G29" are announced and LED version "H-UV L (LED)" joins the lineup of H-UV.
  • 2017: 44" Front/Reverse Multi-Color Offset Printing Press "LITHRONE GX44RP" is announced.& Programmable Hydraulic Clamp Cutting System "Apressia CTX115/CTX132"
  • 2018: 37"Convertible Perfecting Offset Printing Press "LITHRONE G37P" is announced.
  • 2019: 40"Convertible Perfecting Offset Printing Press "LITHRONE GX40P" is developed.
  • 2020: Komori Corporation completes the share transfer of MBO and its affiliate subsidiary.& Offset printing press "Lithrone GX40/G40 advance Series" is announced.
Eiji Kajita President, Komori Europe
“We would like to remind the Komori's spirit 'Rise from ash (strong will)' and 'Create the business by innovation (challenge spirit)' from 100 years history of our company. Based on this we are going to create a bright future for Komori, together as a team with everybody involved"

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