Kando - Beyond Expectations

Yoshiharu Komori, Representative Director, Chairman and CEO

The Komori concepts originate with user ideas, and our efforts are devoted to customer satisfaction. Since our establishment in 1923, Komori has adhered to its origins: manufacturing products of superior quality and reliability. We are known globally as a manufacturer of printing machinery. To build on this success, we are delivering Kando-generating products and services worldwide as a true global company, contributing culturally, socially and economically on local scale.

This is Kando: Beyond Expectations, the standard by which we judge ourselves. We will continue our pursuit of broadening the potential of printing for a future, rich in printed communication.

Komori has a strong focus on environmental conservation and corporate ethics with respect to people and nature, with our mission to empower Kando printing for people everywhere.  

State-of-the-art technologies and excellent service.

Komori International Europe offers complete solutions for offset and digital printing presses, and applications. The wide variety of press applications within our product range offer printers the opportunity to purchase a printing machine that fits all their printing needs and requirements.

In joint collaboration with our plant in Japan, combined with our expertise and knowledge of regional markets, allow us to advise customers how to choose the best printing press to suit your needs.

Eiji Kajita President, Komori Europe
“We are writing the next chapter of Komori history today. What will your role be? The pen is yours.”

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