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Komori has changed the way we communicate the latest and greatest news about Komori and our customers. Not only can you read stories about new Komori press technology being delivered to printers around the world, but you can also access videos from commercial printers to packaging and security print applications. It's just another way we want to keep you informed on the global marketing trends and technology in this ever-changing marketplace.

Issue 2022 No. 98

Printing Industry Decarbonization

Decarbonization is an issue for the entire world, and the printing industry has a significant part to play. Komori's solutions address the printing process, the printing plant, and supply chain transformation. In offset and digital, technologies that enhance productivity and slash waste are available today. From Komori.

Issue 2019 No. 97

Double-sided Printing Power

The new, exciting Lithrone GX40P has joined the Lithrone GX40RP and the Lithrone S40SP in the most innovative lineup of perfecting presses on the planet. And Komori International (Europe) showed off the new perfector at a first-class launch event highlighted by a full web-to-print simulation.

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