Succeeding in today's climate and market needs

Web offset presses require improved short-run performances in order for printers to succeed in today's economic climate and to meet the diversifying needs of their market(s). Machines must satisfy numerous comprehensive fundamentals that lead to better printed results. Consistency, accuracy and efficiency are key elements of the Komori SYSTEM Series.

Get tomorrow's machines today

The SYSTEM series contains nothing but high-quality, high-performance web printing presses. Delivering predictable print quality at maximum speed, ensuring high productivity at superior cost performance while working environmentally friendly, these machines offer printers just that. 

An unprecedented concentration of unrivalled technologies and an unbelievable 7-minute make ready performance lead to a high profitability and ensures web printers to be ready for the future. Komori SYSTEM, tomorrow's printing machine. 

Tony Carter Director of Distributor Sales
“Komori has been the world's number one supplier of 16-page and 32-page commercial web presses for many years now, so we are perfectly capable of supporting our customers' needs.”

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