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Komori International Europe B.V.
Reactorweg 151
3542 AD Utrecht
The Netherlands

20th October, 1923

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About Komori

Komori is a print solutions provider that accommodates generational values in loyalty, honesty and dedication. We are dedicated to our clients and strive to perform beyond our clients’ expectations. Count on us as your partner and start fulfilling your print business ambitions today.


Komori Machine Works, later known as the Komori Corporation, was founded in October 1923 in Tokyo, Japan. Just two years later, the first Lithograph roll printing press was developed.

Three decades later, Komori introduced the first four-colour offset press, the UM-4C. Komori had seen the benefit and added value of education, and in 1968 established the Komori Printing School, the first-ever printing school in the world.

The international exposure Komori received led to the establishment of Komori America Corporation (1982), and Komori Europe Limited (1984), located in Leeds, U.K., today known as Komori UK. Only five years later Komori-Chambon (1989) was established in the French city of Orléans, focusing on packaging printing presses. In 1991, Komori introduced Komori France S.A.S., just outside Paris, and Komori Italia Srl in that same year. Today, our European headquarter is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Logo & Mark

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Komori Brand Video

Komori 2022 Count On Us-brand video, at Veldhuis Media in Meppel, The Netherlands
The brand video is available in the following languages: EnglishFrenchItalianGermanSpanishDutch

Komori Brand Video

Komori 2022 Count On Us-brand video, at Tipo Stampa in Turin, Italy.
The brand video is available in the following languages: EnglishFrenchItalianGermanSpanishDutch

Data Library

The Komori Data Library acts as an archive and repository for images, logos, PDF catalogues and brochures, press configurations, printing samples et al., produced by Komori. The Data Library will always index and display the latest and most recent information available.

Access to the Komori Data Library requires credentials and authentication, only dispersed directly from Komori. For security reasons, each first day of the month, the credentials will change and are to be re-distributed. To receive the authentication credentials, reach out to the Komori International Europe marketing team at

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