Unrivalled quality, productivity and technology. Every job again.

Fitting to your workflow

Designed from the ground up to fit into any CIP4/JDF-driven workflow.

High-speed, high performance

40.000iph maximum printing speed of high quality 32-page web print jobs

System-wide reliability

Enjoy the full support of an intelligent technical support system

Ease of operation, even with 40,000iph

Imagine the world-renowned System 38S web offset press in the 32-page format to address the growing need for high quality web work. Implement the unexcelled print quality performance and high-level control systems of that press into extremely productive 32-page web. Harness true technology to revolutionize make-ready times and open new markets that demand System 38-level performance. Give 40,000iph printing speed with our legendary ease of operation. Maximise compatibility with System 38 16-page web presses. Automate it all. Support customers with tailored technical backup. 

This was our design mission statement. And we have succeeded. The result is the System 38D 32-page web offset printing press. Productivity of a different order, printed sheets from a whole new level. Designed from the ground up to fit into any CIP4/JDF-driven workflow. Packed with Komori technologies to save time, labour, printing materials, and save the environment. Backed by the best support and service system in the world. Ours.


Overview SYSTEM

The Komori SYSTEM series combines high productivity with quality, leading to endless possibilities for printers. Our combined technologies ensure brilliant reproducibility, accommodating any customer print quality requirement with ease. 


We offer several types of print applications to perfect and simplify the way you fulfil your customers’ printing needs. Drip-off, H-UV or metalized substrates. Komori-technology gives you a variety of options and possibilities and used in conjunction with a Lithrone press, an outstanding result.

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