Unrivalled quality, productivity and technology – every time.

Fitted to your workflow

Designed from the ground up to fit into any CIP4/JDF-driven workflow

High-speed, high performance

40 000 iph maximum printing speed for high quality 32-page web print jobs

System-wide reliability

Enjoy the full support of an intelligent technical support system

Ease of operation, even at 40 000 iph

Harness the true technology and revolutionise makeready times that open up new markets. The System 38D surpasses the System 38S web offset press in a 32-page format to help address the growing need for high quality web work. With 40,000 iph printing speeds and ease of operation, the System 38D is designed to fit any CIP4/JDF-driven workflow.


The superior print quality of the System 38 press is an established fact. The key is Komori's unique cylinder array of double-size blanket and plate cylinders and large-diameter inking rollers, which guarantee an utterly stable, stress-free paper flow.


Full Automatic Plate Change (APC) lets one operator change all eight plates in less than three minutes. The press is designed to maximize the efficiency of Full APC, with easy setting of plates in the loader and ample space between units for the operator.


The System 38D features advanced self-diagnostics that permit rapid troubleshooting and maintenance control and provide an error history. Monitoring the press over the network allows for remote troubleshooting and support when required.

Komori DoNet-based KHS-AI system

System 38D productivity is derived from the logic of a 32-page press printing flawlessly at 40,000 iph. The imperative of handling shorter run lengths makes short makeready time equally important. Directing this brilliant performance is the Komori DoNet-based KHS-AI (Advanced Interface) system with integrated self-learning function, standard on the System 38D. K-Station sends the job ticket, including paper specifications, inking profile, and fold format to KHS-AI, which then searches its database for the optimum press operating parameters, controlling web guides, tensions, dryer settings and other variables.

1. High fold quality

Fold format changeover is integrated into the KHS-AI system and is fully automated by the DC-38/1250 double chopper folder.

2. Innovative drying technologies

Drying is a critical component in web-fed applications. Komori continues to set the industry standards for quality, efficiency and reliability through the innovative technologies.

3. Komori's unique cylinder array

The inker design, dampening system and automatic register guidance function employ the proven technologies of the System 38S to ensure high print quality.

4. Constant Productivity

Remote monitoring allows Komori to 'see' into the press over the network when remote troubleshooting and support are needed. Beyond the hardware and software, Komori has the people and infrastructure to keep the System 38D in production.

Overview System series

The Komori System series combines high productivity and quality which leads to endless possibilities for printers. Our combined technologies ensure brilliant reproducibility, accommodating customer quality requirements with ease.

System 38D (The Strategic Machine for Operating Innovation) specifications
Printing speed IPH 40,000 (80,000CPH/16P)  
Cutoff mm 578 625
Max web width mm 965 965

Max printing area (length x width)

mm 1,147 × 965 1,241 × 965

Plate size (length x width

mm 1,181 × 1,000 1,275 × 1,000

Paper stock range

g/m2 40 ~ 130 40 ~ 130

* Performance and numbers may differ from specifications herein. Specifications may also be modified for product improvements.

* Maximum printing area depends on theoretical values for single colors.

*1:Plate cylinder circumferential length.

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