Impremia NS40

40" sheetfed Nanographic Printing® System

High speed digital B1 printing

Print with a maximum speed of  6.500 sph

No substrate limitations

Any type of off-the shelf media; coated, uncoated, paperboard, plastic and specialities.

Equipped exclusive Komori features

Komori engineering for maximum quality , exclusively developed for the Impremia NS40

Revolutionary sytem using nano pigments

Digital printing system incorporating a completely new printing process that uses independently developed NanoInk®. The ink instantaneously bonds to the substrate, resulting in sharp, abrasion-resistant high-speed printing. Can be used with all common commercial substrates (coated and uncoated paper, paperboard, plastic and specialty substrates).

Nanography® in conjunction with Komori Offset Technology.

The Impremia NS40, which was first displayed as concept at drupa 2016 and for which sales launch is planned for drupa 2020, is a 40-inch Sheetfed Nanographic Printing® System that uses Nanography® technology and was developed incorporating the know-how and technologies that Komori has cultivated over a long period of time through its offset printing business.

The press has a printing speed of 6,500 sph, a true resolution of 1,200dpi, can handle four to seven colours, has an on-board in-line coater and Komori’s well known quality. The press can handle paper sizes up to 750 x 1050 mm, a sheet thickness of 0.06 mm to 0.8 mm, and can print on a wide-range of offset paper without any special pre-processing.

Shinwa Factory - Impremia NS40

Shinwa Factory is a manufacturing company with an annual sales revenue of 3.2 billion yen that provides across the board services from designing of creative packaging, displays, and sales promotion material to printing, processing, and delivery of mass production.

I am extremely grateful that Komori chose us to conduct the field testing for the Impremia NS40 Yasunari Yamazaki, Director of Shinwa Factory,

Mischa van Hulst Digital Print Demonstrator, Komori Europe
“What I love most about my job is the variety in tasks. Not only do I give demonstrations at KGC-E, but I also test and train. I work on a variety of projects, but I am just as flexible as our digital equipment is.”

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