Impremia NS40

40" sheetfed Nanographic Printing® System

High speed digital B1 printing

Print with a maximum speed of  6.500 sph

No substrate limitations

Any type of off-the shelf media; coated, uncoated, paperboard, plastic and specialities

Equipped exclusive Komori features

Komori engineering for maximum quality , exclusively developed for the Impremia NS40

A new digital press to pioneer new business fields

Introducing a new digital press, with the impressive productivity and profitability needed to expand customers’ businesses by meeting the growing demand for short and medium runs including variable printing and versioning for an immediate turnaround on jobs such as packages, displays and point of purchase.

Supported by Komori’s previously amassed technologies, and unique designs such as image transfer blankets, the press achieves B1 print speeds of 6.500 sph.

Excellent post-press compatibility

Allows for the same post-press processing as with offset presses, such as offline aqueous press coating, PP lamination, board lamination, punching and folding.

Compatible with a wide range of papers

The press prints by transferring ink via an image transferring blanket. As a result, printing can be carried out on the same paper as used for offset, with no need for special paper or precoats.

B1 printing speeds of 6,500 sph

Printheads eject aqueous Landa NanoInk® onto an image transferring blanket, which forms a thin layer. The ink dries on the blanket and is transferred after the inner moisture has dissipated, preventing moisture from penetrating into the substrate

Revolutionary system using nano pigment technology

Digital printing system incorporating a completely new printing process that uses independently developed NanoInk®. The ink instantaneously bonds to the substrate, resulting in sharp, abrasion-resistant high-speed printing. Can be used with all common commercial substrates (coated and uncoated paper, paperboard, plastic and specialty substrates).

1. Jetting area

Landa NanoInk® droplets are ejected onto the image transferring blanket under optimal temperature controls, creating the image for printing.

2. Curing area

Moisture in the ink is evaporated under a dryer, solidifying the image.

3. Printing area

The image is transferred to the paper. Because the transfer image has already been cured, no moisture is imparted to the paper, which eliminates smudging and wrinkles.

4. Blanket cooling area

The image transferring blanket is cooled to the optimal temperature for the next jetting.

Achieve productivity and profitability for small to medium runs

Able to print at speeds of 6,500 revolutions with no need to change plates or ink, the Impremia NS40 is perfect not only for packaging but also for jobs demanding short turnarounds, and heavy use of special colours, such as point of purchase. In terms of both productivity and profitability, the NS40 greatly excels at jobs such as short and medium runs where standard offset presses fall short.


Impremia NS40 (40-inch Sheetfed Nanographic Printing® System) specifications
Number of colours     4               7
Ink        Landa NanoInk®
Resolution     dpi 1,200
Printing speed     sph 6,500
Max. sheet size     mm 750 × 1,050
Min. sheet size     mm 360 × 520
Max printing area     mm 734 × 1,032
Sheet thickness range     mm 0.06 - 0.8
Feeder pile height     mm 1,280
Delivery pile height     mm 1,150
Dimensions Length (L) Coater+single pile delivery mm 14,332
    Coater+double pile delivery mm 15,618
  Width (W)   mm 4,077 (6,955 with blower cabinet)
  Height (H)   mm 2,447 (3,376 with cover open)

*Total length is the measurement from feeder to delivery.

*Performance and values may differ depending on specification. Komori reserves the right to change specifications for the purpose of product improvement.

Jeroen Grit Print Demonstrator KGC-E, Komori Europe
“What I love most about my job is the variety in tasks. Not only do I give demonstrations at KGC-E, but I also test and train. I work on a variety of projects, but I am just as flexible as our digital equipment is.”

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