Apressia CTX

High-end Cutting Systems

The Komori Apressia series of after-processing machines now features a new lineup of high-end cutting systems linked with increasingly automated printing processes.

In addition to the latest safety measures, the Apressia CTX offers a wide assortment of peripheral equipment and cutting machine options to automate cutting, save labor and increase safety.

Automated cutting

Cutting programs are created and edited in advance from comaptible, industry-standard CIP3/CIP4 data created in pre-press, and sent via USB, Ethernet or WLAN to the cutting machine.

Auto Waste Removal

From square cutting to trimming of small printed items, a large amount of scraps are generated during cutting. AWR (Auto Waste Removal) can remove these scraps automatically.

Feature variety

The Apressia CTX is constructed for precise and efficient cutting, equipped with a variety of features including a servo drive for precise cutting, a central clamp and durable gear box.


Bring Automation and Labour Savings to the Cutting Process

When striving for overall optimization of print production, after-processes often become bottlenecked. Apressia CTX links smoothly with Komori's KP-Connect solution cloud and is compatible with CIP3/CIP4, allowing for process and progress management through to after-processes.

Customer solutions are also available to better optimize the cutting process, including peripheral equipment such as joggers and lifters, and options such as AWR (Auto Waste Removal), automatic cutting software and fully automatic paper alignment and conveyance systems.

Model   Apressia CTX92 Apressia CTX115 Apressia CTX132 Apressia CTX168
Table width mm 1,580 2,440 2,610 890
Table height mm 870 870 870 890
Depth mm 1,885 2,630 2,800 3,670 (L type 4,200)
Height mm 1,460 1,660 1,660 1,815
Soft clamb load kg 300 N (30.6 kgf) 500 N (51 kgf)
Clamp load   2,000 -30,000 N
(204 - 3,059 kgf)
2,500 - 45,000 N
(255 - 4,589 kgf)
3,500 - 60,000 N
(357 - 6,118 kgf)
Maximum cutting height mm 120 165 165 165
Cutting width mm 920 1,150 1,320 1,680
Cutting length mm 920 1,150 1,320 1,680
Power consumption kW 3 4 4 7.5


Guillaume Gauger Managing Director, Komori France
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