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K-Supply Ink

Vibrant colours to make jobs come to life. Using the right ink is essential to delivering the best possible printing results to your customers.

Reach ink density quickly by using K-Supply inks for both H-UV or H-UV-L (LED) printing presses.

Finish jobs with the right coating to create that “wow” factor that sets your customers apart from their competitors – and you from yours. Komori’s K-Supply inks range offers a full range of colours, giving you the creative freedom you need.

H-UV inks

Komori and ink expert Siegwerk have develop a range of high-sensitive H-UV and H-UV-L (LED) inks, exclusively for Komori’s H-UV curing system. Together, we set new quality standards to meet the needs of H-UV-L customers, offering high level versatility and hardness, and an eco-friendly performance.

The inks are compliant with the recently updated regulations and reclassifications in the EuPIA Exclusion Policy so they are free from chemicals such as Ethyl-4-dimethylaminobenzoat (EDB), 2-Ethylhexyl-4-dimethyl aminobenzoat (EHA) and 4-Phenylbenzophenon (4-PBZ).

Exceptional deinkability 

K-Ink has excellent deinkability, due to extensive research and rigorous testing. The result is an enhanced H-UV / H-UV-L (LED) offset ink system
for both coated and uncoated paper. The deinkability of a product refers to the removal of
ink from paper before recycling.

In most cases, paper that is printed with H-UV or
H-UV-L (LED) inks presents an uncertain deinkability, as these inks act as a solid layer after curing,
even against mechanical removal. H-UV and
H-UV L (LED) inks are strongly attached to the fibre rendering them difficult to remove during the recycling process. Improved deinkability is the first step to full recyclability of UV and LED cured prints.

Setting standards

The outcome of this research brought a high level
of satisfaction to Komori Europe and will have a positive effect for users of K-Ink. Researchers managed to develop H-UV and H-UV-L (LED) offset inks with a deinkability comparative to conventional oil-based offset inks.

The deinkability of K-Supply K-Ink was developed according to the INGEDE Method 11 and the European Paper Recycling Council's scorecard. Both of which are official industry standards for testing deinkability. The new and improved ink system is suitable for all Komori H-UV and H-UV-L dryers and is free from the reclassified 369, EDB, EHA and PBZ photoinitiators. 

Improved recyclability

At Komori, we believe in taking responsibility and creating a business that’s actively adopting ways to be as sustainable as possible. This is a key pillar of our business and integral to what we do – from our manufacturing methods to how we talk about environmental sustainability.

A current global concern is the presence of microplastics. Although very few raw materials in the ink industry fall under the definition of microplastics, we remain committed to making sure products with our inks are easy to recycle. A main source of microplastics comes from plastic waste, so an effective way to prevent this is by improving the recyclability of final products.

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