Cylinder related

Cylinder related items come in a wide variety in the K-Supply product range.

All items within this category are designed and tested to optimise printing results by focusing on the cylinder and related parts of presses.

Eco Facts 

K-Supply Blankets
All blankets are produced solvent free.

K-Supply Underpacking
Constant optimisation of products, processing engineering and building systems, with the aim of reducing resource consumption (materials and energy)
K-Supply Baldwin Washcloth
Baldwin Washcloth contributes to less environmental impacts in several aspects:
The solvent in Baldwin Wash cloth:
Very low VOC level gives minimized evaporation to the atmosphere.  
More efficient solvent results in less cloth consumption and shorter wash program.
The cloth in Baldwin Wash cloth:
Thinner cloth with higher cleaning efficiency results in less consumption and also less fibers per sqm
A high portion are based on degradable components.
The cleaning process:
The efficient cleaning process with Baldwin wash cloth and dry blankets results in much less start up waste after the wash.

Downloads Cylinder Related

Leaflet Coating Plate

Leaflet K-Blanket Idesia

Leaflet K-Blanket Japonica

Leaflet K-Blanket Sericea

Leaflet K-Blanket Stellata

Leaflet K-Blanket Serrata

Downloads Cylinder Related

Leaflet Underpacking Adhesive

Leaflet Underpacking Non-Adhesive

Leaflet Wash Cloth Drypac

Leaflet K-Wash Cloth Conventional

Leaflet Baseline UV Conventional
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Leaflet PREPAC UV Conventional
English, Deutsch, FrançaisItaliano

Leaflet PREPAC Advanced 
English, Deutsch, FrançaisItaliano


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