KP-Connect Pro

Always connected. Anywhere. In real-time.

KP-Connect Pro offers an upgraded version for process management, reduces work and labour for overall production processes by linking and coordinating printing presses, MIS, prepress and postpress equipment. KP-Connect enables access and shares detailed press operating information, and remote, real-time visibility to maximize press usage, improve productivity and increase profitability.

KP-Connect Pro, the IoT cloud service for visualization of data, continues to evolve as the printing industry changes. With a single click, KP-Connect can aggregate operating status data. Detailed breakdowns of schedules and improvements are available to increase efficiency, changeover times, registration/colour adjustment times, final printing times and idle times.

KP-Connect Pro gives printing companies the tools they need to streamline their business. It improves printing processes, productivity and optimises production output. By storing production information in a secure cloud-based environment, all your data is easily accessible, whether you’re on-site or at a client. See data in real-time, manage scheduled print jobs, track maintenance and learn more about printer operation and troubleshooting, all through a user-friendly web-based portal.

Smart Factory

The data collection, storage, analysis and application cycle forms the basis for a Smart Factory.

Plant data is visualized and analyzed, clarifying areas that require standardization and mechanical solutions to remove bottlenecks and streamline processes plant-wide. 

Is your pressroom generating the highest daily profit?

Before your can reduce lost time and increase productivity, you must first visualize and understand your production operation.

  • How often is the press operating?
  • How much paper waste is created per job?
  • Are operators working efficiently?

When production operation is visualized, areas of improvement are brought to surface.

24/7 operating access 

KP-Connect Pro enables instant access to the workflow and displays accurate and real-time data on hand.

  • Respond immediately to issues in the plant by informing a supervisor
  • Receive monthly reports of the press' operating state, including potential improvements
  • Monitor working time, as well as printing and maintenance procedures, on a separate device

Clear user interface

The KP-Connect portal dashboard contains a monthly summary of operations with options to look through previous and upcoming months and to switch between multiple machines. It offers a comprehensive overview, including factors such as make-ready times, printing speed and test printing.

From there, the tabs at the top enable users to track job progress, manage maintenance, view more detailed reports, receive a trends analysis and explore the knowledge centre. It puts your press information directly into your hands so you can make informed decisions.

With a world of data at your fingertips, printers can now be even more connected to their business helping them streamline their process and give customers a higher quality of service.

Komori Solution Cloud KP-Connect Basic KP-Connect Pro
24/7 visibility into press operating status
Monitor job progress and operating status on mobile devices
Real-time notifications of error conditions
Visibility and detailed analysis of press operating conditions
Secure sharing of real-time operating information
Real-time information and workflow automation
Process management control via MIS link
Automated workflows
Customizable data exporting
End-to-end connection for prepress, press and postpress

Komori quality and security

KP-Connect is serious about security. Access restrictions and data encryption is available. User IDs and access logs can also be managed, stored and maintained in a closed and local environment, for increased security and added peace of mind.

IT Controls

  • Company user ID control
  • Access log control
  • Restricted access

Data Encryption

  • Operating data before sending to the cloud
  • Operating data after saving on the cloud


  • TLS/SSL encrypted (HTTOS) communications
  • Mobile private network selectable (optional)
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