KP-Connect Basic

Always connected. Anytime. Anywhere.

KP-Connect enables you to access and share detailed press operating information in a secure, cloud-based environment. Remote 24/7 visibility into the information you need helps keep your finger on the pulse of your business, so you can maximize press usage, improve productivity, and increase profitability.

KP-Connect Basic is a service that improves productivity by allowing Komori and the printing company to share detailed press operating information and by making printing operations visible in the safe environment of the cloud. The printer’s own improvements as well as data-based press and process improvement methods from Komori are presented.

Smart Factory

KP-Connect Basic can aggregate operating status data on a job-by-job, weekly or monthly basis.

KP-Connect Basic produces a detailed breakdown of schedules and improvements to increase efficiency through analysing changeover times, registration and colour adjustments, printing, and idle times.

Is your pressroom generating the highest daily profit?

Before you can reduce lost time and increase productivity, you must first visualize and understand your production operation.

  • How often is the press operating?
  • How much paper waste is created per job?
  • Are operators working efficiently?

When production operation is visualized, areas of improvement are brought to surface.

24/7 access to your operating details

KP-Connect enables you to instantly access the workflow in your press room so you always have accurate data on hand.

  • View productivity from a laptop or mobile device
  • Respond immediately to issues in the plant by informing a supervisor
  • Receive monthly reports of the press' operating state, including potential improvements
  • Monitor working time, as well as printing and maintenance procedures, on a separate device

Clear user interface

The KP-Connect portal dashboard contains a monthly summary of operations with options to look through previous and upcoming months and to switch between multiple machines. It offers a comprehensive overview, including factors such as make-ready times, printing speed and test printing.

From there, the tabs at the top enable users to track job progress, manage maintenance, view more detailed reports, receive a trends analysis and explore the knowledge centre. It puts your press information directly into your hands so you can make informed decisions.

With a world of data at your fingertips, printers can now be even more connected to their business helping them streamline their process and give customers a higher quality of service.

Komori Solution Cloud KP-Connect Basic KP-Connect Pro
24/7 visibility into press operating status
Monitor job progress and operating status on mobile devices
Real-time notifications of error conditions
Visibility and detailed analysis of press operating conditions
Secure sharing of real-time operating information
Real-time information and workflow automation
Process management control via MIS link
Automated workflows
Customizable data exporting
End-to-end connection for prepress, press and postpress

Komori quality and security

KP-Connect is serious about security. Access restrictions and data encryption is available. User IDs and access logs can also be managed, stored and maintained in a closed and local environment, for increased security and added peace of mind.

IT Controls

  • Company user ID control
  • Access log control
  • Restricted access

Data Encryption

  • Operating data before sending to the cloud
  • Operating data after saving on the cloud


  • TLS/SSL encrypted (HTTOS) communications
  • Mobile private network selectable (optional)
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