Print Quality Assessment System

PQA-S Summary

Komori's Print Quality Assessment System, or PQAS in short, ensures a continuous high level of quality assessment through in-line 4K cameras mounted on the press. These high-resolution cameras efficiently automate colour control, register control, and content inspection of all sheets. And in combination with the additional ‘Komori Autopilot’ feature, the system can also perform a seamless pre-press to PDF crosscheck, without stopping the press. PQAS will improve quality consistency by significantly reducing production defects.

“With run lengths getting shorter and the time to check the sheets for colour and content during make-ready at a premium, PQA-S is a precision colour control and content inspection system for high-speed production. It provides unrivalled levels of confidence for operators and their end customers in fast moving production environments and ensures quality is maintained from the first to the last sheet”. Craig Bretherton (Product Marketing Manager, Komori Europe)

Colour control

PQA-S automatically performs colour control on all good sheets during production. An in-line 4K camera scans a full colour bar on every sheet, detects differences, and the system makes adjustments to maintain predetermined ink densities within extremely tight tolerances. You'll hit target values and reduce waste at the highest production speeds. All are fully compliant with internationally recognized colour standards. Such as ISO, Japan Color, and G7. PQAS will truly help you produce at the highest quality by automatically reducing colour variations.

“It helps printers keep their production stable and ensure quality. Scumming, defects, PQA S will find the defects. So that the printer can do other work during his production.” Jeroen Grit (Print Demonstrator KGC-E, Komori Europe)

Register control

PQA-S automatically performs register control on sheets during production. An in-line 4K camera scans all sheets for registration marks, and - if necessary - the system automatically adjusts the position of the print to guarantee perfect registration. Automatic register control is performed with marks placed in the optimum position: not at the front, but at the centre of the sheet. This ensures registration is achieved to an accuracy of 0.03 millimetres without involving your press operator. PQAS will increase operator confidence and allow them to focus on other print related tasks.

Content Inspection

PQA-S automatically performs an inspection of the content of the sheet during production. An in-line 4K camera scans every sheet at the highest speeds. On a straight press or on both sides on a perfecting press. And thanks to automatic masking software, only the saleable print content is inspected. If a defect is detected, the operator receives a warning and the machine automatically places a tab in the delivery stack. An additional Inkjet marking system can provide more precise details on the exact location of the fault. PQAS will truly help you improve production quality by automatically isolating production defects.

Ad Ekelschot Manager KGCE, Komori Europe
“Our PQA-S camera system is not only controlling the ink zones but also keeps an eye on any errors like hickeys, scumming etc. This will keep the quality high but also give the printer a comfortable feeling when he is doing other things like filling the ink duct or organizing paper.”

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