Deltor Communications ready for next chapter with new Komori GL-540 conventional printing press

Renowned printing company Deltor Communications has just replaced their Komori Lithrone LS-429 with a new Komori GL-540 with coater at its production facility in Saltash, Cornwall. This commercial printers’ numbers are growing rapidly, Deltor’s Managing Director Sam Shannon: “We have chosen this press to meet our customers’ demand and whilst taking care of our own environmental responsibility at the time.”

Shannon has been with this family business since 1999, starting as an apprentice in the print room, before climbing his way up the ladder. Working in both the print and production sides of the company before moving into office work and management, he ultimately became majority shareholder after his parents’ retirement in early 2016. Under his leadership, Deltor has been able to win several long-term contracts, while managing to maintain strong relationships with the long established and loyal customers base. “We are very customer-focused and go the extra mile for them, it is the approach all our colleagues agree with on a day-to-day basis.” Still founded on family, Shannon’s wife Anneliese, works in the Sales and Business Development department.

Sam Shannon, Managing Director for Deltor Communications
Sam Shannon, Managing Director for Deltor Communications

 One stop shop

“We are a one stop shop that includes digital, litho and wide-format printing. Built around the belief that we support customers best by offering everything to fulfill all their print and design needs. We do that by combining our experience and expertise within our team to handle almost everything that involves paper and ink. All 42 of us bring our own specialism to the table, and we make up a complete and competent group of people who all love print. More than half of our staff have worked for this company for more than 15 years, we encourage them to share knowledge with younger colleagues as it improves work ethic and, in the end, the quality of our work. Everybody comes in as part of the team and together we produce a product the best we can.” Deltor specialises in print products for a wide range of clients, such as government bodies and local authorities, universities, publishers. This one stop shops’ product portfolio varies from magazines, books, brochures, leaflets to wide format printing, banners, signage and more.

Trade services
Shannon: “With the extra B1 format press capacity, we are hoping to offer smaller print format printers a trade service for long run, multi section work. We produce lots of trade work already, but it would be great to open that up further to more print partners”

Conventional over digital
The installed printing press runs on conventional inks, a well-thought-out decision by Shannon: “We have chosen for a conventional press, which is quite unusual in today’s industry where digital and (H-)UV is growing. Our number 1 goal was more capacity and less complications. We can now do large print runs without costs per sheet increasing, which would happen if we went for H-UV - it was a close call though, I really did like the H-UV technology”.

In production
Shannon: “We told Komori UK we needed the new press up and running by December 2017 and they managed to keep that promise within the short timeframe we had given them. We have just finished the installation and testing period, which shortened due to the fact this is our 4th Komori press. We are familiar with the presses and software, which is relatively easy to work with. We are most impressed with the feeder, there are certain air settings that cover most stocks and do not need further adjustments to work.”

Environmentally responsible printing
Steve Turner, Managing Director for Komori UK: “The GL-540 press is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This leads to less paper and energy waste and an improved working environment. These factors appeal greatly to Deltor and work perfectly with their own goals. Specially since the press itself is manufactured in our high-tech factory in Tsukuba, Japan, where zero emissions of industrial and ordinary waste are being achieved. Besides strengthening Deltors environmental responsibility, this printing press delivers high quality work at a fast change-over time and less makeready waste. Ideal for a print company like Deltor!”

“I believe we are one of the greenest printers in the UK, with smart meters on all our equipment that allow us to manage and monitor energy usage. Our 14,000 sq foot solar panelled roof provides for a large part of our electricity consumption, while saving over 55,000kg of CO2 per year. We care about environmentally responsible printing and this new press allows us to do just that”, adds Shannon.

Bright-looking future
“Our dedicated team works hard to make sure that every job is printed to our customer’s satisfaction. That pays off, because our turnover is growing rapidly. From turnover of £2.8m two years ago to £3.2m last year and an estimated £4m next year. Our future is looking bright and I am convinced this brand-new Komori GL-540 press will be an important part of it.”

From left to right: Sam Shannon, Dion Aird (Production Director for Deltor Communications) and Chris Rigden (Sales Executive for Komori UK)
From left to right: Sam Shannon, Dion Aird (Production Director for Deltor Communications) and Chris Rigden (Sales Executive for Komori UK)
Deltor Communications' production site
Deltor Communications' production site

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