Together with Komori, Veldhuis Media relocates to expand their high-tech offset company

Netherlands, Veldhuis Media | 2 Lithrone G840P Advance, 1 Lithrone G840P and Lithrone G540 Advance

Veldhuis Media relocates from Raalte to Meppel
“We are moving because our current accommodation does not offer enough space for capacity expansion.” Oscar Jager

Veldhuis Media grew out of their, 4200m2 total production area in Raalte. For nearly 20 years, Oscar Jager and Erwin de Lange have been working together as co-owners of Veldhuis Media. Started off as a small company with 13 employees in Raalte.

Veldhuis Media is a producer of books and magazines. Primarily for the publishing market specializing in products with a folded section finish, printed in full colour. The secret to their success is a narrow focus.

Erwin explains: “I think that many customers choose us because of our speciality. We have a very narrow focus. We're very good at what we do.”

Our partnership with Komori became more intense as our company grew

“We have been working with Komori since the foundation of our company. I think that the great parallel between us and Komori, as entrepreneurs and as companies, is that we are serious, and we stand behind our products. We attach great importance to reliability and the relationship with each other. This is how both of us deal with our customers.“

“As our company grew, and more capacity was needed, including more printing presses, the cooperation with Komori intensified.” Oscar Jager
9000m2 production area in Meppel

“In particular, the level of service is of crucial importance to us. We are a 24-hour company with three 8-colour printing presses and one 5-colour printing press. If machines in a 24-hour company experience technical problems, you have to be able to count on an organisation that provides immediate, good service.”

“We once defined our goal as making Veldhuis Media... into a leading high-tech offset company in the Netherlands. I believe that we have come to that point and accomplished that goal. Now our plan is to expand further in Meppel.” With the 9000m2 production area, it has at its disposal, the process even gets more automated and standardized.

New G40P advance in operation

Relocation of the existing presses

“Together with Komori, we have made a plan for the relocation of our existing machinery, the delivery of new machines and installation at the new location. The relocation is a challenge because our customers have to be served continuously during the move. We must continue to deliver and perform every day. Even during the move.

With this in mind, Komori has worked with us to create a programme in which we do not suffer any loss of capacity. And in that plan, once we are operational in Meppel with just the first two machines, we can immediately achieve a capacity expansion. At that moment, we will be producing in two places. That is why Komori is handling our entire printing company move from Raalte to Meppel. Plus all the logistics involved.”

It all started with one reliable press

“I first came across the Komori brand in 2002. The company which we eventually bought had a Lithrone 40-inch 5-colour printing press. That machine has served in our 24-hour company for 14 years. Looking back, it is amazing how little downtime that machine has had and how low the maintenance costs have been.”

“It's actually just bizarre how reliable and durable that Komori was, really unimaginable.” Erwin de Lange

That is also the main reason why we chose Komori: their high reliability and the resulting low downtime.

“As a result, our operation is predictable and we can perform for our customers. That is why we currently have a lot of Komori machines. That is the result of our excellent cooperation.”

Veldhuis Media embraces the incredibly fast changes in the printing industry. To be able to compete in their markets print companies need their business to be as efficient, reliable and profitable as possible. With the completion of the movement to Meppel, Veldhuis Media is able to expand even more. The new presses but also the postpress machinery including the CoBo-stacks make sure that they will keep on growing.

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