Linderoths Tryckeri home to first European GL-837P

Mats and Jonas Wangenfors have been Managing Directors of Linderoths Tryckeri since taking over from their father and uncle, who succeeded the founding Linderoth family in 1951. Together, the Wangenfors brothers are responsible for a turnover of €2,3 mln and personnel of 25 in 2018. Linderoths Tryckeri is based in Vingåker, 170 km from the Swedish capital of Stockholm and was founded in 1898.

The current Managing Directors have a keen sense of business, combining innovative equipment that pushes both print quality and processes with old-school techniques. That is certainly the case with this Komori GL-837P LED printing press, the first-ever installation of this model in Europe. The Lithrone GL-37P is an updated version of the Lithrone A37 and G37 models. This press features outstanding performance and advanced Komori technologies, including the ability to feed 940 x 650 mm sheets and with enough capacity to print 16-page A4 impositions. The paper thickness range of 0.06 – 0.45 mm offers Linderoths the choice to choose the best paper type for each printing job. Jonas Wangenfors: “We specialise in commercial printing, advertising and packaging printing. We also have ‘old’ printing presses such as letterpresses, which allow us to expand our service by punching, embossing and printing. Combining classic techniques with innovative technologies to meet customer demands all under one roof. We mostly work for direct customers, small and midsize companies who are located up to 200 km from Vingåker.”

Choosing a press unseen
Per Lundberg is the owner of Lundbergs Grafiska, the Komori Swedish distributor for over 15 years now: “It says a lot about the level of trust Linderoths has given Komori that they choose a press only available unseen. Being the first European printing company with a GL-837P, means that we could not experience a demonstration of this specific press. We have visited the Komori Graphic Center-Europe instead, where they witnessed the processes and workflow of a GL-529 and saw how a somewhat similar press works. The Linderoths team has relied on the possibilities the perfecting press offered them on paper, as well as Komori’s good and reliable reputation in the printing industry. They knew that they could count on Komori and their Service Department if needed, which gave them the confidence to choose this press.”
“We have had a pretty straight-forward installation process and experienced no major problems. Whenever you change your main press, you must stop production, which is the biggest problem we have experienced. However, it is a step you to take to redefine yourself as a professional printing company,” says Wangenfors.

Changing the day-to-day job
Wangenfors: “This is our first Komori press and the first one that prints on A1 format, a more common format in Sweden. We needed to respond to that difference and decided to change the entire equipment in our press room. We can also double the production by printing 16-pages at once, which means we can meet customers’ demands for a fast delivery. And when they visit us, we show them final results due to immediately dried sheets because of the LED technology. The built-in camera helps our operators secure a steady printing run and we have a reduced intake time. All major benefits that increase our productivity and change our day-to-day jobs.”

By bringing this new Komori GL-837 perfecting press into their press room, Linderoths Tryckeri is working towards a bright future. “This press allows us to maintain a high level of quality and service, while simultaneously improve our own workflow. We intend on staying a small to midsize printing company, with a focus on customer relationships and satisfaction. We have added more work space a couple of years ago, have now changed our equipment and are looking forward towards a bright future.”

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