Impress Printing Works installs first Komori GL-529 press in Ireland

Pat Cotter is Managing Director for Impress Printing Works, but has been a part of the company since its establishment in 1990. Originally founded specifically for the production of quality multicolour and process printing, this company quickly gained a respectable reputation due to its high printing standards and excellent service levels. “Our line of work has not changed that much over the years. We still offer the same products and services to our customers, who’ve become accustomed to our quality and ability to meet demands in a short timeframe. We actually won 'Book Printer of the Year' and 'Print Finishing of the Year' at the 2018 Irish Print Awards! Since our previous machine -a 20-year old Heidelberg SM 74 press- was ageing, we started looking into replacements that will help us in meeting these demands for many years to come. Portman Graphics, who we’ve known for years, helped us during this journey. We’ve used their services before, but never to find a new printing press.”

“We take a very hands-on approach to dealing with jobs, they all get the utmost attention from our dedicated team, that’s always aiming at reaching a higher quality. Our brand-new Komori five colour GL-29 press enables just that: a higher quality than we have ever experienced before”.

Their first Komori press
Jason O’Brien, Sales Director for Portman Graphic Ltd.: “Impress has come to us for support and advice in finding their new conventional printing press. We’ve listened to their needs and sought out several machines that might suit these. In the end, they choose this GL-529, which embodies highly efficient makeready technologies and a closed loop colour management system, Komori PDC-SG. I believe these features, as well as the associated time and waste sheet savings, were influential in the decision Mr Cotter made.”

Komori UK Managing Director Steve Turner: “During their decision-making process, Impress has visited several companies that use Komori presses for a number of years and that they can relate to in terms of jobs and size. Impress have chosen to install the GL-529, which I believe has the perfect features for their printing work. The running speed of 16,500 sheets per hour and maximum sheet size of 520 x 740 mm opens a lot of doors, especially since it is designed to print on all substrates with equal high-speed stability, even on heave stock. I am very happy that we were fortunate enough to win this important order and cement our partnership with Impress."

Cotter:“ We produce quality multicolour jobs for our customer base, with 40% of our clients based abroad. They all know that we do not compromise on quality, meet their deadlines and deliver fast. That is why they come back and recommend us to others. We considered other press manufacturers, the Komori GL-529 was best suited for our work profile and press room. Our decision was not just based on the print quality our customers will get accustomed to, but more variables such as power consumption and running costs.”

The future
“It’s obvious the printing market is changing here in Ireland, those changes started with the financial crisis really. There are less printing companies than before the crisis and we too had to work hard to survive. The crisis hit other industries too, so there are less customers around. Thankfully we have a strong customer base that comes back for our high standards, quality and service. The installation process has just been completed and it is now time for our printers to learn the new processes and get accustomed to the new equipment and software. Luckily, we have a Komori instructor on site to guide us until we are fully ready on our own. I believe this new Komori GL-529 press will help us to support customers the best way possible”, says Cotter.

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