KP-Connect Case Studies

KP-Connect Case Studies

22 June 2023

KP-Connect Pro Initiates Printing Digital Transformation with Visualization of Schedule and All Processes

Koseikan Co., Ltd. celebrated its 85th anniversary this year. The company formed a business alliance with the Tenmaya department store in 1969 and is currently a wholly-owned group company of Tenmaya. Koseikan's main business is planning, design production, printing, and web production. Beginning in 2021, the company started the digital transformation of printing using KP-Connect Pro and achieved great results in improving production management efficiency and changing the consciousness of employees.

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17 January 2022

Digital Transformation in printing has achieved significant results

Mainly engaged in package printing, Daiko Printing Co., Ltd. specializes in printing for the medical industry and has gained a high level of trust.

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5 October 2020

KP-Connect's real time production data allows Asapri to stay ahead of their competition

In order to stay competitive in the printing industry, Asapri Holdings aggressively tackled work "visualization". President Matsuoka says that visualization grew out of the need to clarify the per piece cost of the products and the need to capture as much revenue as possible during these challenging economic times.

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1 October 2020

Propelling new business with the highest operating rate of 49.4%

As a result of focusing most on return on investment (ROI) when we considered a printing press, we decided to introduce the Lithrone G37P, and the benefit of KP-Connect together which resulted in our high operating rate.

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