Remous Print signs major contract for Komori K-Supply products

To maintain its strong position in the printing market, Komori is moving away from solely being a press manufacturer and is now equally focused on its role as print engineering service provider by offering total printing solutions, including Komori K-Supply approved consumables. Dorset-based printing company Remous Print, recently signed a contract with Komori UK for virtually all products of its K-Supply range, including the H-UV ink, K-Ink.

Alan Bunter is Managing Director for Remous Print and works closely together with his co-directors, including his father Graham who started the £2.2mln turnover business in 1980. “We have been printing on a Komori LS-529 H-UV press for over 4 years now and we know what this machine is capable of. Is does not emit ozone and runs alcohol free, therefore suiting our environmental credentials perfectly. We are happy with the support we get from Komori UK and we were up for a test trial when they told us about K-Supply.”

Remous Print's Managing Director Alan Bunter, Graham Bunter (Director for Remous Print) and Chris Rigden (Sales Executive for Komori UK)
Remous Print's Alan Bunter, Graham Bunter (Director for Remous Print) and Chris Rigden (Sales Executive for Komori UK)


Choosing K-Supply
The Komori LS-529 H-UV machine in this Sherborne-press room was one of the first H-UV installations in the country in 2014 and it is safe to say the print-loving team behind Remous Print are not shy when it comes to getting familiar with the latest market developments. That comes from the years of experience they have, with their current Managing Director working in every position in the company for at least 12 months since he was just 20 years old.

“We have a good relationship with Komori and open our doors for demonstrations for other printing companies who want to see what Komori presses can do. After testing K-Ink, we decided that we would use only this product for our work as it really brings colours to life. Even heavy black is really vibrant, which surpasses our expectations. A major decision in testing K-Supply products and ultimately signing this contract is the combined benefits of improved print quality and the comfort of dealing with a one-stop supplier whom we’ve known for years now. They provide excellent support and technicians are available on the telephone or onsite if required. I have always challenged myself and the printing industry to continuously improve print quality to a higher standard than ever done before.”

Bunter: “Here at Remous we believe in relationships more than we do in single orders, by always putting quality first and asking ourselves what exceeds customers’ expectations. We want to develop great working relationships that last a lifetime. When you work closely with people, you will receive all the support you need when you need it, you can trust them to get things done. That is what we want to do for our customers, it improves their entire experience. Actually, it is what Komori UK is doing for us as well, we have known Chris Rigden for a long time.”

Chris Rigden, Sales Executive for Komori UK: “I absolutely love my job and have great relationships with many customers, but Remous Print is very close to my heart. I actually did my apprenticeship here, when I started in the industry at age 16. Alan’s father Graham was at the helm in the time and he taught me the foundation of print when I worked in the bindery and finishing department. The people in this business and I have enjoyed a wonderful relationship ever since that apprenticeship.”

“It is nice to come back for a visit, see how they are doing and discuss the latest market developments, such as K-Supply. I am delighted they have chosen these products, we believe it is best to choose pressroom supplies that are specially developed for compatibility with the Komori printing press. They improve both print quality and production processes, which will help Remous strengthen relationships with their customer base.”

“Our foreseeable future is looking bright, due to our wonderful 23-person team and particularly relationships with customers and suppliers. We will start building a new ‘Smart’ factory in February 2019 and as we are working on three separate sites at the moment, it is exciting to imagine what working under one roof will deliver for further improvements in quality and efficiency. Our long-term future might include a new generation of Bunters here at Remous Print. I succeeded my father, who knows what my four children will become when they grow up?”, Alan Bunter concludes.

K-Ink and Lithrone LS-29

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