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Mr Ken Sagawa, President of Komori International Europe, welcomed over 400 visitors from all over Europe -and beyond- to this year’s Autumn Open House on November 7 and 8. With the slogan “Start Smart, Finish Better”, guests could discover Industry 4.0 and Komori’s adaptation of this current trend of automation and data exchange. With the entire showroom seamlessly connected, Komori displayed their latest portfolio of offset, digital and postpress through a series of live demonstrations. Sagawa: “The printing industry is required to shift from ‘how to make’ to ‘what to make’ and we intend to support customers to conform to this dynamic environment.”

The event was held at the Komori Graphic Center-Europe (KGC-E), the ultimate Smart Factory and consisted out of ‘Bring your own job’ live demonstrations, presentations and a seminar by futurist Willem-Peter de Ridder.

During these two days, visitors could freely login to KP-Connect, Komori’s own cloud-based program and experience a live connection with the KGC-E and experience the related data exchange. KP-Connect gives printers visibility into their pressroom from any mobile device and provides press operating and job detail, which allows them to make smarter business decisions.

Komori’s distinctive H-UV and H-UV L (LED) technologies were presented through a series of demonstrations on the GLX-640+C, GL-437 and GL-540+C offset presses. The Impremia IS29 was opened for a walkthrough and Q&A. Just like the GL-529+C, the IS29 was also producing customer jobs as part of the “Bring your own job” challenge. Several visitors brought their own jobs to be produced live during this event.

By using the full extent of their knowledge of both digital and offset printing, Komori is able to offer printing companies tailored solutions to produce a wide range of innovative applications for various markets.

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