Czech sheetfed printer Triangl differentiates with strategic move to first Komori webfed G38

Czech Republic, Prague | System G38

Print Manager Tomáš Chramosta (left) and chariman Petr Kotýnek (middle) with press operator at Triangl a.s., Prague.

Komori relentlessly drives the evolution of printing technology. In pursuit of print perfection comes the introduction of Europe’s first Komori G38, the ultimate webfed printing press for production and management efficiency, at Triangl, a.s.

Prague based company Triangl, specialized in sheetfed printing has a long history in producing magazines, catalogues, brochures, publications, and calendars. With a strategically located facility, Triangl has exceptional distribution and flexibility capabilities. An unobstructed vision and focus on highly efficient production methodologies have led to the investment of the game-changing technology, the Komori G38 webfed press.

Triangl, a.s. is a significant and well-equipped printing house in the Czech Republic with over 30 years of tradition and experience. Highly qualified and professional personnel and tuned process management have been developed for 27 years since the Triangl was established. Regular investments into the automated technologies guarantee sustainable development, quality, and high productivity. The ownership of Triangl has passed to the Kotýnek family 2007, with chairman Petr Kotýnek successfully involved with the business. Under his leadership, Mr Kotýnek has realised a new worldwide benchmark for efficiency and the operating of sheetfed machines, reaching heights of 86,000,000 printed sheets per year on a single machine. Since 2019 is he a sole proprietor of Triangl, a.s.

Specialized at printing middle-cost magazines and catalogues, we experience a constant pressure for strict deadlines. With advertisements always arriving at the latest moment, we really have a maximum of three days to produce. As we cannot afford to miss anything, we have made significant investments over the last years to maintain the quality and deadlines. But because we could not develop further in our segment, so we were looking for a machine that would open a new trade channel for us. Petr Kotýnek

Following a detailed study and investigation the strategic decision was taken to invest in Europe’s first Komori G38. The installation of the Komori System G38 not only ensures that Triangl, a.s. remains one of the biggest print houses in the Czech Republic it takes the company to new levels in efficiency and productivity. The system G38 has shown its strength and competitive advantage, with average production of 11,000,000 sheets per month. Equipped with an inline folder, the sheets are printed on both sides in full colour, cut and folded to a finished product. This is the pinnacle of a streamlined inline process with pure offset quality.

Since its founding, Triangl’s greatest value is highly qualified and optimized process management. The long-term investment in automated technologies have ensured us to maintain a strong market presence and deliver products of the highest quality. To make ourselves visible in a saturated market, we push ourselves to be the best in our industry and maximise our production and productivity. Petr Kotýnek

The Komori G38 combines high productivity and quality, which leads to endless possibilities for printers, with combined technologies, brilliant reproducibility, accommodating customer quality and requirements are met with ease. Double-sided offset printing with automatic colour and register control, short makereadies and unmatched productivity gives the System G38 a unique strategic advantage. The LED drying significantly shortens the entire production process, as the time-consuming drying in the drying tunnel is eliminated. The advantages of this completely new generation press also include very short preparation times, accuracy and print quality like sheetfed offset presses.

During an economically challenging time we made the decision to invest in a game changing press by Komori. The fully autonomous rotary press is currently the only press of its kind in Europe and America. Equipped with an inline folder, folding sheets during the same run is something that is incomparable to older rotary presses. When I look at our current production capabilities and goals, it’s impossible to imagine not having a press equipped with an inline folder system. It is the full process what is truly making the difference. Already during the first year after the installation of the G38, we see the benefits of the G38 in accelerating our production. Yes, we are still learning, as well as the local representative of the Komori, but we perceive exactly what possibilities this technology, which we have pioneered in Europe, brings us in the future. Petr Kotýnek

With nearly 100 years of experience in sheetfed and webfed, Komori has adhered to its origins, manufacturing products of superior quality and reliability. With a modest total length of just 20 metres, the System G38 is an unrivalled powerhouse and true gamechanger. Komori’s expertise and knowledge have ensured a leadership position when it comes to efficiency, reliability and profitability. The introduction of sheetfed technology into the design of the Webfed G38 has reduced equipment boundaries, making webfed presses succeed in domains originally dominated by sheetfed machines.

The new System G38 drives evolution in print technology. A web offset press with inherent high productivity, equipped with Komori’s H-UV curing system, is key to greater profitability. With a maximum printing speed of 30,000 sheets per hour. The Reel-to-sheet printing of the compact System G38 generates value for short to medium runs, with the same size as an eight colour sheetfed perfector with overpowering productivity.

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