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The historical Marche-based company has always stood out for its service capacity, which means planning, small lots, short delivery times and just-in-time responses. With this in mind, Box Marche decided to install Komori Impremia IS29 digital printing system, 18 months ago, with real advantages in the process.

Box Marche was born in Corinaldo, in the province of Ancona, on May 26, 1969 by the will of two local families: Baldassarri and Pierfederici. At the time, the footwear industry in the area was among the most flourishing and the need was to respond to the important request for the production of shoe boxes. In the early 1970s, production began to diversify, anticipating the crisis in the footwear sector of the early 1980s. This step was strategic for the continuation of Box Marche's activities which had started to serve other important sectors.

In 1996 the first 6-color sheetfed offset press was installed in the company. "It was a turning point for the company: it was the first new machine purchased" says Sergio Saccinto, production manager of the company. “In 1998 the die cutting department was built, adjacent to the existing shed. In 2001 the new printing department was added with a for the purchase of two new printing machines and a new shed. In 2006 the finished products warehouse was built. In recent years the advent of digital has changed the dynamics of the production process: in 2017 we purchased the first digital die cutter in Italy ".

In Box Marche's business, approximately 30% of turnover derives from the request of two leading non-stick pan and pan manufacturers in Europe, based in the Marche region. They are companies that also serve the European market in the context of organized large-scale distribution and therefore require a large number of codes on small batches. The partnership between the company and these customers represents a perfect example of "project packaging", based on countless paper products created thanks to a high level of service based on production flexibility, consultancy and organization.

In this perspective, Box Marche has gradually approached digital. “Between 2011 and 2012 we started studying lean production, or the Toyota Production System. –Explains Saccinto. - At that moment we decided to produce only what was included in the order, and no longer produce on forecast. With the production installation of the Highcon Euclid digital die cutting system, we have reduced the costs resulting from the need to produce large quantities of one-shot mixed dies ".
In this way, Box Marche made its first step towards a digital type of production, followed by others until the choice, made at the end of 2018, to also include Komori Impremia IS29 digital printing system in the process.

Strength in service
The main sectors on which Box Marche operates is that of household goods, in addition it was among the first companies in Italy to design bag-in-boxes, intended in particular for the wine sector. The company stands out for its service capacity, which means small batches, minimum shipping capacity, design and customer care. "The continuous request for small batches - he explains - convinced us to approach digital printing with the aim of removing constraints from the customer on targets of minimum quantities of volumes to be printed. Digital has enabled us to produce in short runs based on the actual needs of our customers, and it also guarantees us a level of service perfectly in line with the requested times. The design of a digital department, which will be completed in the coming months, will allow Box Marche to be able to supply customers with the quantities needed in the course of 48 hours. It is a work in progress area where the Komori Impremia IS29 has already been installed, which will be joined by the digital die cutter ".

The choice of Impremia IS29
The print format was the main factor that led to the choice of Komori Impremia IS29, in addition of course to guaranteed reliability. “The format of Komori's digital system allows us, if required by the job, to take a further next step to reproduce simple texts. In the printing of bands for pans, which we produce digitally, it is also customary for graphic designers to exploit the back of the cardboard, the uncoated part, to insert the instructions for use, which are a legal constraint. This allows the front of the packaging to be free for the image and other graphic elements. Komori allows us to print in white and vault and this represents a significant advantage ".
After the arrival of Impremia IS29 at the end of November 2018, the first weeks of assembly and training weeks began. "In January 2019 we started producing independently - he continues - and we were immediately satisfied, first of all, as already mentioned, for the possibility of white and vault, secondly for the reliability of the machine. In 16 months of production we have not had mechanical and stop problems. Now we are studying the UV coating on the Impremia IS29 printed matter. Another advantage not to be underestimated is the extreme ease of use. The machine fits perfectly into our flow in terms of connectivity, we have connected our management software for data collection. From a logistical point of view, in fact, the system has been positioned next to the prepress area. At the moment on Komori, we only carry out work for our two main client companies, in order to consolidate the skills of our staff. We already knew Komori as a supplier, but Impremia IS29 is the first machine we purchased from them. We were able to count on the maximum reliability and availability of this supplier ".

Growth plan of the coming years
Box Marche offers a 360 ° service, through a team for the Customer Desk with technical and commercial skills. The goal of this staff is to follow a cluster of customers to be their voice in the company from A to Z. Over time, the strategic choices have made it possible to ensure effective service and just-in-time delivery times. This logic of the service led them to a digital approach. At the moment Impremia IS29 is used exclusively for household customers, to better serve them. “We do it mainly with a view to small lots and quality of service. - explains Sergio Saccinto. - My idea, in the future, is to try to use this digital machine by combining it with the die cutter, which for its characteristics combines perfectly, for applications such as variable data printing or on different media. In the next few years I would like to try to enter other markets, which need small batches, taking advantage of the features of the digital printing machine and the die cutter. It will give us the opportunity to expand into new market niches. In the bag-in-box sector we have a format that is not very compatible with digital, while food is instead a large volume market. The choice of this machine is given more by production than commercial needs. The future plan is to give customers "zero constraints" and improve delivery times: our goal is 48 hours. This phase is not over, we are only at the beginning, it is an ambitious but viable path ".


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