A leading edge ahead

Our press and system technology is renowned for ensuring that Komori printers gain and maintain a leading edge ahead of their competitors. In order for you to optimise this innovative technology, your operators must be fully familliar with every function of equipment we install – not just the printing press itself. Software, management systems, quality and colour controls and integrated workflow systems, your team should be accustomed to the full process. As part of our installation and commissioning process, we create a partnership with you. This partnership assures that all your operators and production personnel are fully trained prior to the first printing job.

Tailored (re-)training

In addition to our standard training, we can create tailored re-training courses designed around your own specific requirements. These courses are usually at your printing site so you can use your own equipment. The facilities at our KGC-E are an excellent alternative if off-site training is preferred.

All training is given by our highly skilled technical specialists with the fullest up-to-the-minute data on Komori’s latest technology – they are more than happy to share their knowledge with you. When you invest in any of our Komori Upgrades and Enhancement programmes, we will support you with relevant training.

For more information about our training possibilities, contact your local Komori representatives.

Jeroen Grit Print Demonstrator KGC-E
“I want to teach printers how to get the most out of their Komori press and above all, give them a great experience.”

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