Web printing vs Plano Offset

Web presses are generally known from newspapers, with high capacity, high-speed printing from a reel to a reel. Plano offset is printed on pre-cut sheets of paper.

Web printing is most of the time used for large run lengths (a lot of copies of the same) on the same substrate, because exchanging reels is not easy and one loses paper with every changeover. Sheetfed/Plano offset is more flexible in changing the paper. With sheetfed presses, the handling of the paper is a limitation to the speed. This is not the case with web printing. So production speeds of Web presses are far higher than Sheetfed presses, however, web presses are far more expensive.

Komori has years of experience in manufacturing Web and Sheetfed presses and with highly automated reel and plate exchange systems, Komori has now launched its System G38. Robert Holscher

This web press combines the high performance of web with the ease of use of Sheedfed on a small footprint. Suddenly, ultra-high production speeds can be achieved in your printshop, just by thinking out of the box with Komori System G38. Our Komori representative is happy to investigate with you if a Web press or Sheetfed press is best fitting your current and future business model. 

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