Does high production speed mean more profit?

High production speed is often seen as high productivity however, it is a bit like the tale of the turtle and the hare.

One need to take into account more than only the speed of a machine. Better is to talk about the productivity of a machine.

How many units can it produce per week /month or even year? Robert Holscher

What this approach does, is to take also into account: regular maintenance and involved production loss, non-productive time like make ready, exchanging paper, cleaning off coating, paper feeding issues, the response time on breakdown, automation processes on the press and logistics. Also, are the parameters optimal to run maximum speed? We all know that kind of paper which does not allow the maximum running speed. What does this all mean? It is worth not looking at printing speed alone, but taking the factors mentioned above into account, and maybe finding out that the turtle is more productive than the hare. 

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