K-Supply Rollers

To ensure operational reliability, the quality of your rollers is crucial. Using the right set of rollers, based on your press allocation, requires special attention.

Our range of rollers consists of new and refurbished, both of which are extensively tested to meet our high standards of approval.

Eco Facts

K-Supply Anilox Rollers
At production, during the plasma process, heavy metals are released which are collected in barrels, which are sold to a recycling company that removes these metals. Same is done with the residual metals that are released during the grinding & honing process (diamond, etc). The packaging boxes are made of plywood wood.
K-Supply Westland Rollers
Remanufacturing of used rollers according to OE-standards. Reusable Packaging for rollers: reusable cardboards for safe transport of rollers. Environmental requirements are met in a timely manner due to significantly reduced consumption of organic solvents such as cleaning agents and IPA (isopropyl alcohol). With commitment to collaborative research, Westland makes a valuable contribution to advancement of the printing industry and the use of eco-friendly and green media.

Download Rollers Leaflets

Leaflet Advanced GTT Anilox Roller English
Leaflet Anilox Cleaning Kit English
Leaflet Dampening Roller English
Leaflet Ink Roller English
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