High Productivity and Quality with H-UV. The Ultimate Double-sided 38" Offset Printing Press.

Short makeready

A full job change-over time is reduced to around 5 minutes

Reduced carbon footprint

CO2 emissions are reduced to ¼ of conventional UV curing

High speed performance

Maximum printing speeds of 30,000 sph

The Ultimate Double-sided 38" Offset Printing Press

Komori relentlessly drives the evolution of print technology. Now in the pursuit of print perfection comes the ultimate printing press for production and management efficiency. The 38" System G38 Double-sided Off¬set Printing Press features the H-UV curing system that enables high-quality printing on sheetfed presses. A maximum printing speed of 30,000 sph yet a total length of just 20 meters. Reel-to-sheet printing means this press is ideal for short to medium runs.

Short Makeready and unmatched productivity

The development concept of the System G38 is the combination of sheetfed print quality technologies and web offset productivity. A web press that can be handled like a sheetfed.

Key to greater profitability

Configured with the in-line H-UV curing system, H-UV realizes printing with high-speed instant curing by the combination of Komori’s original H-UV lamp and K-Supply ink. The H-UV unit houses two H-UV lamps that cure the front and back sides instantly.

Automatic colour and register control

Plate register is set by the in-line automatic plate adjustment system, and cutoff control and the web guide are automatically controlled by the high precision presets of KHS-AI.

Overview System series

The Komori System series combines high productivity and quality which leads to endless possibilities for printers. Our combined technologies ensure brilliant reproducibility, accommodating customer quality requirements with ease.

1. Density monitoring camera

2. Register monitoring camera

3. Web guide

4. Cutoff monitoring camera

Environmentally efficient

We believe that developing presses that help operators as well as the environment is our most vital mission. Our plant at Tsukuba is fully ISO 14001 and 9001 certified. Using solar-powered energy, environmental preservation has been carefully factored into the production and design of the System 38S.

Automation features such as KHS-AI help reduce paper wastage and lower ink and solvent consumption, while high efficiency motors result in a lowered energy consumption. Enjoy easy, alcohol-free printing with Komorimatic.

System G38 (The Ultimate Double-sided 38" Offset Printing Press.) specifications
Number of colours     4                
Printing speed     sph 30,000
Paper size  Cutoff   mm 625
   Web width   mm 625 - 985
Max printing area     mm 617 × 965
Max roll diameter     mm Φ1,100 / Φ1,27 (option)
Plate size     mm 649 × 975
Paper stock range     g/ m2 40 - 130

*Maximum printing area depends on theoretical values for single colors.

*Performance and numbers may differ from specifications herein. Specifications may also be modified for product improvements.

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