Lithrone G29

A strategic partner for the next stage of business. The Lithrone G29 – advanced functions in optimal form. 

Short make-ready

Short make-ready times for small jobs and short turnarounds


Agile half-size press for the digital age

H-UV / H-UV L (LED) solutions

Quality and reliability in an eco-friendly, economical and innovative UV curing system


An agile half-size press for the digital age

Komori relentlessly pursues new possibilities in printing. Now, the machine that conquered the world with its high performance has been reborn as the Lithrone G series. The pinnacle of perfect, it meets the complex next generation printing needs.

The newly developed Lithrone G29 sheetfed offset press has been loaded with advanced functions. Combining outstanding technology and Komori know-how, this press offers outstanding print quality and productivity, ease of use, maintainability and environmental considerations such as power and materials saving. It has a maximum printing speed of 16 500 sph with superb high-speed stability, even on heavy stock.

Overview Lithrone

The Lithrone series combines state of the art technologies with Komori know-how to create the best possible offset printing presses. The names of all models start with a “G”, which stands for “green” and reflects our stance on the environment. The Lithrone series consists of the G29, G37, G40, and GX40(RP) presses.

1. OffsetOnDemand

OffsetOnDemand is Komori's system to facilitate short runs and quick turnarounds by shortening make-ready time, cutting paper waste and reducing the printing process to the absolute minimum, while maintaining the high print quality and productivity of offset printing.

2. H-UV and H-UV L (LED)

The Komori H-UV System is an innovative UV curing system that uses a UV lamp developed with Komori's know-how and high sensitivity UV ink. With just one lamp mounted in the delivery, this system offers high print quality and reliability, as well as excellent economic and eco-friendly performance.

3. PQA-S Series

The PQA-S Series (Print Quality Assessment System) performs the checking for defective sheets, previously done by regular sampling, and visual checking by the operator, and provides a high level quality control by means of in-line inspection.

4. Fully Automatic Plate Changer

The new Full-APC completes the changing of four plates in just 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The benderless clamping system used by Full-APC requires no pre-bending of the pate tail or plate, making preparations more efficient.


Our sheetfed presses are equipped to handle several types of print applications perfectly, and simplify the way you fulfil your customers’ printing needs. Whether it’s drip-off, H-UV or metalised substrates, Komori technology gives you a any number of possibilities and – when used in conjunction with a Lithrone press – an outstanding result.

Steve Turner Managing Director, Komori UK
“This Lithrone G29 press saves a lot of time with its fast complete job change-over, not to forget the completely dried sheets thanks to the H-UV technology. Even at maximum speed.”

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