The print quality and flexibility to create new printing business. Komori’s flagship machine for fulfilling the most demanding requirements.

Package solutions

The Lithrone GX40 is equipped with many features that are effective for various types of package printing

Long runs with heavy stock

High speed, automatic nonstop operation to handle long runs and deliver world-class performance in deluxe package printing

High-grade quality control systems

New control systems that are indispensable for maintaining and assuring the superior print quality of packaging

Extremely stable, extremely powerful

Printing technology is ever evolving. Stable printing at 18,00 sheets per hour, even with heavy stock, the Lithrone GX40 takes it a step further, improving print quality and enhanced agility for colour changeovers. With the power to handle high-end commercial, publishing printing, and additionally, package printing due to exceptional print quality and flexibility.

The Lithrone GX40 embodies a range of demands, automatic nonstop operation and control systems, advanced automation, new washing and cleaning systems and custom configurations for valuable work.

High Speed Stability

High speed, automatic, nonstop operation to handle long runs and deliver performance in deluxe package printing. Providing a stable operation at the 18,000 sph maximum printing speed thanks to new sheet feeding and delivery performance.

Short Makeready

Numerous automated devices are employed throughout the press to meet the diversifying needs of printing with high-level print quality. The Komori Full-APC Fully Automatic Plate Changer changes plates on six units in less than three minutes.

Quality Control Systems

The Lithrone GX40 can also be equipped with an inspection system that includes features such as the ability to inkjet-stamp numbers on the feeder board for identifying irregular sheets, or apply inspection and measurement data between processes.

Print Quality that Shows Real Value in Deluxe Printing

Komori solutions deliver value, with excellent reproducibility, inking, distribution, and high-precision printing with colours to accommodate the increasing diverse and deluxe printing needs. The GX40 is equipped with new functions, such as the inker roller train changeover function and the start-up density stability function. Each unit is equipped with the Komorimatic dampening system working in equilibrium with the high capacity ink train, incorporating an array of ink and dampening rollers for high-grade printing.

1. High-speed stability

Offering a sheet thickness range of 0.06-1.0 mm, this press provides very stable operation at the 18 000 sph maximum printing speed, thanks to new sheet feeding performance.

2. Automatic washing/cleaning

The new automatic ink roller washing system significantly improves colour changing, which can bottleneck when printing with special colours.

3. Automatic nonstop operation

Equipped with a new fully automatic nonstop operation system, the printing of long runs at the maximum printing speed is enabled through linkage with an optional stock transport logistics system.

4. PDF comparator system

A PDF comparator system, which uses sensors to read the printed image for comparison with the originating PDF file data, has been developed and may be specified with PDC-SX. This allows the operator to check for missing or added characters in the initial printing stage, preventing production losses.

High Performance Ink for H-UV Printing

H-UV / H-UV L (LED) Ink is the ideal Komori standard ink for H-UV printing that was developed with the know-how gained through the sale of H-UV systems.


The H-UV System is a UV curing system that uses high-sensitivity UV ink. The system offers reliability and economic and eco-friendly performance.

Lithrone GX40 (40-inich Offset Printing Press) specification
Model     GLX-440+C GLX-540+C GLX-640+C GLX-740+C GLX-840+C
Number of colours     4 5 6 7 8
Max printing speed   sph 18,000
Max sheet size   mm 750 x 1,050
Max printing area   mm 740 x 1,040
Sheet thickness range   mm 0.06 ~ 1.0
Plate size   mm 811 x 1,055
Blanket size   mm 935 x 1,060 (including aluminum bar)
Feeder pile height   mm 1,600 (plinth: 450)
Delivery pile height   mm 1,600 (plinth: 450)
Dimensions Length (L) mm 16,462 17,640 18,818 19,996 21,174
Width (W) mm 3,970 (5,770 with blower cabinet)
Height (H) mm 2,603 (3,084 with cover open)

GX-40 RP for dedicated double-sided offset printing

The Lithrone GX40 has been designed to deliver high quality, short turnaround, high speed, stability and reduced waste in double-sided printing. A new system features single-edge gripping and eliminates sheet reversal. Single-edge gripping makes the margin on the tail edge of the sheets – an unavoidable structural requirement of perfectors – completely unnecessary, enabling paper costs to be cut by minimising the sheet size. Eliminating sheet reversal ensures stable sheet transport capable of handling either light or heavy stocks through the use of four double-size transfer cylinders. Front/back plate imaging is in the same direction, just as with single-sided presses, increasing efficiency in prepress.

Neil Sutton Chief Operating Officer, Komori Europe
“The Lithrone GX40 delivers significantly improved print quality and enhanced agility for colour changeovers.”

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