The print quality and flexibility to create new printing business. Komori’s highly evolved 44-inch machine provides the capability of creating new value.

Package solutions

The Lithrone G44 is equipped with many features that are effective for various types of package printing

Long runs with heavy stock

High speed, automatic nonstop operation to handle long runs and deliver world-class performance in deluxe package printing

High-grade quality control systems

New control systems that are indispensable for maintaining and assuring the superior print quality of packaging

Strategic Value

The Lithrone G Series is joined by a highly evolved 44-inch machine that provides the capability to create new value. The Lithrone G44. Offering a 15,000 sph maximum printing speed on a wide 840 x 1,150 mm maximum sheet size. Suited for packaging, cards, and other heavy stocks, the G44 is infused with the performance of the Lithrone G40.

High print quality, short makeready, stable sheet feeding and delivery, stunningly high productivity, and energy savings. A new strategic press that will create new value to the changing printing business, develop new business, and improve profitability.

Short makeready performance

Equipped with the highly evolved KHS-AI integrated control system, the Lithrone G44 meets the needs for short job cycle time, competence with short runs, capability of producing many different printed products, and cost reductions.

Support for package printing

The flexibility of the press meets the needs of packaging, label, card, and other UV printing. The chamber coater-type coating system allows easy management of the amount of varnish to be applied and enables uniform coating of UV and aqueous varnishes.

Non-stop Operation System

The press has an automatic non-stop feeder and deliver that is compatible with automation, providing labour-saving and unattended operation. The system links with logistics for smooth transport of paper from the upstream to the downstream of the factory, automatically control the stable supply and removal of paper for the press without interruption, while enabling continuous highspeed printing to the end of the run.

Value creation

The powerful press that brings the ability to create new value to the changing printing business.

High-speed stability

Offering a 15,000 sph maximum printing speed and a sheet thickness range of 0.04-0.8 mm, this press meets a broad range of printing needs and a very stable operation. 

Ranges of sizes

The wide 840 x 1,150 mm maximum sheet size accommodates the requirements of the growing gang run printing segment as well as impositions in a range of sizes.

Power Throughput

Loaded with power throughout: high print quality, short makeready, stable sheet feeding and delivery, stunningly high productivity, and energy saving.

Multiple Ink Roller Cleaning System

The multiple ink roller cleaning system keeps colour contamination to a minimum when changing over from a dark colour, gold, silver, white, fluorescent, light resistant UV, or the like to a light colour and optimized cleaning during changeovers to improve productivity.

Ink Mist Eliminator

This machine reduces the amount of ink mist generated in the inker that is dispersed outside the press by absorbing and collecting with a special filter. This helps cut air conditioning and peripheral device maintenance, as well as reducing the need for press cleaning maintenance.

Lithrone G44 (44-inch Offset Printing Press) specifications
Model     GL-444 GL-544 GL-644 GL-744 GL-844
Number of colours     4 5 6 7 8
Max printing speed   sph 15,000
Max sheet size   mm 840 x 1,150 : option 820 x 1,130
Min sheet size   mm 460 x 620
Max printing area   mm 820 x 1,140 : option 810 x 1,120
Sheet thickness range   mm 0.04 ~ 0.8 (0.08 ~ 1.0 Skeleton transfer cylinder specification) *1
Plate size   mm 900 x 1,150 : option 900 x 1,130
Blanket size   mm 1,050 x 1,160  (including aluminum bar)
Feeder pile height   mm 1,250
Delivery pile height   mm 1,250
Dimensions Length (L) mm 11,255 12,590 13,925 15,260 16,595
Width (W) mm 3,910 (5,650 with blower cabinet)
Height (H) mm 2,368 (2,850 with safety covers open)

*1 Transfer cylinder gripper pad adjustment is necessary when the printing paper is thicker than 0.5 mm.
* Maximum printing speed is subject to change depending on printing conditions.
*Performance and numbers may differ from specifications herein. Komori reserves the right to change specifications for the purpose of product improvement.

Neil Sutton Chief Operating Officer, Komori Europe
“The powerful press that brings the ability to create new value to the changing printing business.”

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