Apressia MB110E

Create simple and stable production plans for your pressroom

The Apressia MB110E is a high performance blanking system that offers automated, labour-saving blanking. This master blanker provides the stable quality and improved cleanliness demanded from the packaging printing sector.

When using paper of 0.4 mm thickness, the MB110E can blank up to about 200 sheet simultaneously, allowing for better planning through a more stable production process.

Due to the absence of human interference, the Apressia MB110E can be used for the production of goods for the cosmetics, food, medicines and sanitation industries, among others. 


  • Mechanised stripping for stable product quality
  • Clean products and work environment through “hands-off” processing
  • Facilitates small-low, low-cost and high-productivity work
  • Greatly reduces operator workload
  • Assistance from Komori Service, if needed

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