Apressia Lift

Automatically lift and lower cutting materials to a healthy working height

The movable Apressia Lift makes sure your cutting materials automatically lifts and lowers to a healthy working height due to an easy to use platform. The hydraulically driven movement assures a maximum of safety, also due to the sensor that detects the top of the pile. The platform is skewed at the front so the access with a hand forklift is very smooth and accessible even with large formats and heavy pallets.

Standard equipment

  • Comes with platform
  • Complete electrical system for 400V, 50 cycles, three-phase current
  • Moveable without load
  • Operating terminal with push buttons
  • Hydraulic lifting drive
  • Light guard controlled for automatic lifting and lowering
  • Automatic stopping before lowest end position
  • Moving to lowest end position only in inching mode

A few technical specifications of the Apressia Lift

Maximum format 1270 x 1840 mm
Maximum pile weight 1200 Kg 
Maximum height 850 mm
Connected load 4,5 kVA

Optional: Adjustable angle stop as stacks help for unloading

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