Apressia Jogger

A guaranteed alignment of the pile due to jogging of printed layers

The Apressia Automatic Jogger 114L provides stable support by absorbing all stresses and allows for tilting and vertical movement of the table. The air-table with 3 mm stainless steel surface is designed with a small footprint, to be a perfect and fitting addition to all press rooms. 


  • All foot pedals are carried out by principal movements
  • Adjustment of left or right lay in just 12 easy steps
  • Intelligible diagnose mode
  • All parameters are easily readjustable
  • More production time due to a minimum of required maintenance

Technical specifications of this Automatic Jogger

Format 800 x 1,400 mm
Maximum layer height 160 mm
Power requirements 4 kVA
Compressed air demand 6 bar
Air consumption 12 l/min

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