Apressia CTX

Better efficiency through a variety of automation and options

Apressia CTX115 and CTX132 are reliable Programmable Hydraulic Clamp Cutting Systems especially designed to bring automation and labour savings to your press room. Already provided with Automatic Workflow, but even more efficient when used in conjunction with KP-Connect.

Variety of cutting and automation features, such as

  • Servo drive for precise cutting
  • Durable gear box
  • Software for automation of the cutting floor

Optional features, such as

  • Automatic cutting software
  • AWR, Auto Waste Removal


  • Durable machine construction for precision cutting with quality knives
  • Diverse automation and labour-saving options
  • Peripheral equipment to handle a wide variety of tacks
  • Linked with KP-Connect for additional information and out-of-office access
  • Assistance from Komori Service, if needed

A few main specifications of the CT115 and CT132 models

Model Apressia CTX115 Apressia CTX132
Table width 2,440 mm  2,610 mm 
Table height 870 mm 870 mm
Depth 2,630 mm 2,800 mm
Height 1,660 mm 1,660 mm
Weight 3,200 kg 4,410 kg
Cutting width 1,150 mm 1,320 mm
Cutting length 1,150 mm 1,450 mm


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