Apressia CT

Sophisticated design and easy operation to meet safety standards

The Apressia CT115 and CT137 are Programmable Hydraulic Clamp Cutters to perfect postpress finishing jobs. This new cost performance benchmark is a revolution in postpress processes with its design and use.


Both the CT115 and CT137 feature a cutting switch that is operated by both hands, as well as photoelectric area sensors for additional safety. The small footprint on both cutters make them easy to incorporate into any pressroom. 

Apressia Programmable Hydraulic Clamp Cutters combine flexibility, safety and ease of use with impressive productivity and cost performance.



  • Easy operation by using the large 19-inch touch panel
  • Great working space, it offers 735 mm from the edge of the table to the knife itself
  • A maximum cutting height of 165 mm
  • Cut-line is a standard feature
  • Assistance from Komori Service, if needed


Model Apressia CT115 Apressia CT137
Table width 2 680 mm  2 900 mm 
Table height 900 mm 900 mm
Depth 2 500 mm 2 823 mm
Height 1 680 mm 1 680 mm
Weight 3 800 kg 4 500 kg
Cutting width 1 150 mm 1 370 mm
Cutting length 1 150 mm 1 450 mm


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