Apressia Loader and Unloader

Stability and precision with every sheet

The Apressia loaders help printers automatically re-stack single and multiple cuts onto pallets with greater precision. They can be installed next to the cutter, either lengthways or sideways, depending on what suits your needs best. Both instalments guarantee safety and stability with every sheet.

Main features

  • 3mm stainless steel tabletop with air nozzles 
  • Modern linear bearings
  • Re-enforced stops and an automatic limit stop
  • Light-weight precision alignment stops with
    wear-free sliding rails
  • Frequency-controlled drives with a partial measurement system
  • DIN ISO compliant cylinders
  • Parameters that are easily controlled by the automatic programme
  • Safety light barrier on the front of the table 

There are several options available to printers, which we happily discuss in order to meet your individual needs.

Apressia Loader
Apressia Loader
Apressia Unloader


Maximum sheet format 800 x 1 200 mm
Maximum layer height 160 mm 
Maximum pile height 1 400 mm*
Pallet height 130 mm
Maximum pallet weight 150 kg
Power requirements 7 kVa
Compressed air demand 6 bar
Air consumption 4 NL

* Maximum pile height of 1 800 mm is optional.

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