Combi Folder K8

The precision is in the details

The K8 combi folding machine stands for absolute precision and exemplary productivity. As a high-performance machine, it is designed for exceptionally high production speeds and production stability with minimum set-up times. With the K8, high performance, quality and flexibility go hand in hand, resulting in a folding machine which is ideal both for standard production runs and the creation of demanding and complex products.

As standard, the K8 comes with numerous high-end features, offering not only efficiency but also outstanding convenience of operation. For example, the intuitive M1 Advanced control and waste paper ejection through the cross fold sheet stop. Further configuration options, for example with regard to the range of folding types and level of automation, allow optimum adjustment of the machine to the production environment.

Unparalleled accessibility for extremely short set-up times

With its slitter shaft cassette, swing-up cross fold area and extendible three-fold area, the K8 offers unparalleled accessibility. On the one hand, this makes for uncomplicated operation. The operator has adequate space, for example for ergonomic positioning of perforating, scoring and cutting tools and cleaning of the fold rollers. On the other hand, the set-up process is much faster than with conventional folding machines. In particular where frequent set-up operations are necessary, the high accessibility of the machine saves enormous amounts of time.


  • MBO’s advanced M1 control system and graphic HMI for ease of use
  • R800 Dualfeed continuous feeder standard for versatile long run applications
  • Vivas (Double-Vacubelt and Vacutable) for constant sheet pull and best registration
  • Anti-static lattice alignment table for consistent sheet control during registration
  • Virotec fold rollers for the ultimate paper grip at the lightest pressure possible
  • Retractable knife folding area at the third fold knife area for fast, full operator access
  • 4 or 6 NIRO style non-corroding buckle plates in the parallel fold unit, first fold
  • SKTL, SKTLT, SKTZ knife fold configurations for customized performance

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