Automated stacking

The MBO CoBo-Stack is a completely automatic collaborative robot that needs no protective cage. Product stacks of folded signatures are transported from the delivery onto the table of the CoBo-Stack. The cobot picks up the stacks from the table and deposits them on pallets, reducing the physical demands of operators.

The pallets can be positioned on both sides of the delivery, allowing uninterrupted operation. While the MBO CoBo-Stack is filling one pallet, the operator can move the loaded pallet away and prepare the next empty pallet.

An indicator lamp lights up in different colours, signalling various operating statuses of the cobot to the operator. For some operating statuses, there is an additional acoustic signal. This means that there is no need for the operator to remain directly at the production machine, giving him or her time to carry out administrative tasks, for example, quality control or preparing the next job.


  • Cobot – collaborating robot, that needs no protective cage
  • Pallets can be placed on both sides of the cobot; while one pallet is filled, the other one can be prepared
  • Optical and acoustical signals show various operating statuses
  • Retrofittable to existing deliveries of type MBO A500 / A700, palamides alpha 500 / 700 plus / pro
  • Standard roller table on the left side; optional left / right side available
  • Optional open electrical interface for third party machines
  • RAS Remote Access Router included; access permission from the customer is mandatory

CoBo-Stack Specifications
Infeed height 803 mm - 923 mm*
Product height 210 mm - 340 mm
Product width 148 mm - 235 mm
Stack height 60 mm - 150 mm
Stack weight, max. 6 kg
Stacks per hour, max. 300
Pallet height, max. 900 mm (1,400 optional)

*adjustable in 10 mm steps

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