Buckle Folder B30

Unbeatable efficiency

The B30 offers economic efficiency with high quality results. And the production quality, productivity and process reliability of the buckle folding machine can be expanded even further with additional or alternative equipment features. The B30 buckle folding machine is not only suitable for processing standard jobs. Its wide range of folding types makes it a particularly good choice for processing demanding and varied job structures.

Thanks to high-quality, reliable MBO features – for example the belt drive or the optional combination buckle plates – the B30 meets the challenge perfectly, uniting economic efficiency and quality in one machine. A further advantage: The B30 is designed to ensure simple and reliable operation. It offers an economical solution for large print runs with infrequent changeovers.

Increased performance through double stream production

Production in a double stream integrates the cutting of the printed sheets into the folding process. The sheets are folded and separated in the first folding unit and then further processed in two streams in the subsequent folding units. Two folded products are produced per sheet, thus doubling the capacity of the folding machine. On the bottom line, double stream production brings greater output, higher efficiency and cost savings.


B30 - F

(Pile feeder)

B30 -FP

(Palletized feeder)

B30 - R

(Continuous feeder)

Folding unit II 76 Folding unit III 38
    mm mm mm mm mm
Pile height max 650 950 80 - -
Infeed width min 200 (170) 250 (170) 180 - -
max 1,200 1,200 1,080 (2,000) - -
Folding length min 60 60 60 60 60
Number of buckle plates   4 or 6 4 or 6 4 or 6 4 or 6 4
Folder roller diameter   43.7 43.7 43.7 43.7 43.7
Slitter shaft diameter   35.0 35.0 35.0 35.0 35.0
Product thickness at exit (thicker on request) max 1.8 1.8 1.8 2.0 2.0
Speed min 30 m/min (89 fpm)
max 205 m/min (670 fpm)
Electrical supply

M1 Basic

(3x400V 50/60Hz

3x220V 50/60Hz)

6.6 kVA

max 63 A

8.1 kVA

max 64 A

7.6 kVA

max 63 A

2.4 kVA

max 32 A

1.6 kVA

max 32 A


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