The cooperation between Apex International and Komori K-Supply

K-Supply is our consumables service, providing customers with the opportunity to order pressroom supplies at the best price. The range has been tested at the Komori Graphic Center-Europe (KGC-E) and is optimised for use with Komori presses. 

Komori International Europe works with world-class partners to expand a growing K-Supply portfolio. One of these close partners is Apex International. Together they thoroughly tested and perfected several products at the KGC-E to guarantee these work perfectly on Komori presses.

The K-Supply Advance Anilox Rollers with GTT® pattern in combination with the different K-Supply Anilox Roller Cleaners is a perfect example of K-Supply products offering Komori users the total package of their printing needs: printability, profitability and consistency.

Curious to learn more about the cooperation between Apex International and Komori K-Supply? And/or interested to receive practical tips and tricks for coating, please download this document and find out how to benefit from this cooperation.

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