SQL training to support customers even better

New Year’s Eve is just a few weeks away and we are already preparing to make 2019 a great year. One way to support our customers even better next year is by improving our own skills and expertise through training. Electrical engineers from all Komori Europe branches took part in a three-day training on Structured Query Language (SQL) December 11 – 13.

Ken Marr from Global Knowledge acted as instructor during the course that aimed at enlarging our knowledge of SQL, a database that works perfectly with Komori printing presses. Subjects during these three days were -among others- relational databases and data retrieval, data update and backup and restore. Ken Marr: “This training focused on learning to retrieve large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. By using SQL, these Komori professionals are able to write basic and complex queries, build reporting solutions and implement data warehouses for a variety of technologies.”

Aaron Latimer, Electrical and Software Support Analyst at Komori Europe: “Our printing presses use SQL for over 10 years now, but the possibilities of the database are growing almost every day. Especially since the arrival of KP-Connect, the by Komori developed cloud-based solution that enables customers to view the workflow in their press room from every location they like. KP-Connect runs on SQL and with this training, our colleagues are able to help customers understand this solution even better.”

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