Relocation of Komori Global Parts Center to Tsukuba Plant Site

Global Parts Center in Tsukuba

Komori Corporation (Sumida-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Satoshi Mochida) is pleased to announce that the Komori Global Parts Center has been relocated to the Tsukuba Plant site and has started operation.

The Komori Global Parts Center now in operation was relocated to the Tsukuba Plant site as Komori's service parts management base to ensure a more stable parts supply in Japan and overseas.

Advantages of relocation

  1. Stable parts supply
  • Effective use of space and securing of parts inventory by installing large movable racks
  • Improved inventory management accuracy through the introduction of a real-time visualization system for domestic and overseas inventory


  1. Shortened lead time for parts supply with minimum downtime
  • Prompt delivery of parts by improving the convenience of both land and air transport
  • Shorter parts dispatch time by introducing a warehouse management system and optimizing movement lines

Komori will continue to provide the highest quality products, services, and technical solutions from the customer's perspective. We look forward to your continued patronage of our products and services.

New address
203-1 Nakayama, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 300-1268 (on Tsukuba Plant site)
Komori Global Parts Center (KGPC)

Purchasing Section
Phone number: +81-29-879-7413
Fax number: +81-29-879-7467

Parts Management Section
Phone number: +81-29-879-7412
Fax number: +81-29-879-7466

Start date of business: August 16, 2022 (Tuesday)

Business hours:
08:20–17:20 (Japan time)
365 days/year

Contact for inquiries regarding relocation:
Printing company customers overseas: Subsidiaries and dealers in each region

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