4 januari 2023

Komori calendar 2023, 100th anniversary edition

Cover of the Calendar (2023) Blushes by Kate Scott

The 2023 Komori calendar is a special calendar celebrating Komori's 100th anniversary. For this addition, vivid and beautiful floral images were selected from the works of three distinguished international artists that are appropriate for the 100th anniversary. The cover uses "Smart Color Technology," which is currently being developed by Komori.

The cover of this calendar is printed in one pass using Komori’s latest flagship model "Lithrone GX40 advance with an in-line double-coater". The calendar's binding section was planned in collaboration with SERIA Corporation, a Komori Group company. The UV printing in glossy black brings out a luxurious pattern befitting the 100th year anniversary, the Komori logo and centennial symbol are silk-screened in opaque white with a high degree of whiteness.

The cover photo was taken by Kate Scott. She draws inspiration from the fine paintings of the Baroque period. Her work is exhibited around the world and has appeared in magazines such as Vogue Italia. She may spend hundreds of hours completing a digital work refined by meticulous editing.

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