KGC-S (Komori Global Center-Security) opened at Tsukuba Plant

Founded on the concepts of "Power to the Print" and "Trust in Print," KGC-S is a state-of-the-art facility where Komori offers its security printing technologies, fine-tuned over a period of more than 65 years, to government agencies, printing companies, and suppliers with interests in banknote and high-security printing by conducting printing demonstrations, training, and R&D activities.

The fundamental technologies for banknote printing consist of offset printing, intaglio printing, and numbering printing which are important security printing technologies, none of which can be eliminated. The trend in banknotes in recent years is adding security devices to these technologies as a way to prevent counterfeiting. High-level counterfeiting prevention is sought, and Komori is thus further strengthening its fundamental printing technologies.

KGC-S is equipped with banknote printing machines and systems that incorporate all aspects of security printing technologies and has a team of security printing experts who are ready to address any challenges faced by customers.
In line with the concepts of "Power to the Print" and "Trust in Print," KGC-S will continue to foster trust in Komori by government agencies, printing companies, and suppliers worldwide and enable the delivery of the world’s safest and most trusted banknotes to people around the world.

In the future, Komori will continue to create next-generation security printing technologies and secure the identities of nations, companies, and individuals.

KGC-S entrance

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