Ertem Basim orders their 3rd Komori System 38S

Increasing its productivity and capacity by investing a few large-scale projects each year

Ertem Basim undertakes exam organisations for educational institutions as well as book prints. It prepares answer papers as well as printing and finishing question booklets. It scans the completed answer sheets with optical readers, evaluates the exams, and transfers them to the relevant institutions. 

At the end of 2017, Ertem Basim, which used sheetfed offset and cold-set web offset printing machines until last April, struck a deal with Aras Makina, the representative of Komori in Turkey and the Turkic republics, on a System 38S web offset printing machine. Immediately following this, a barely used second web offset printing machine was also included in the agreement. These two machines were installed in April 2018 and put into operation in the book season.

Mustafa Ertem, owner of Ertem Basim, who has changed book printing trends by investing in a heatset web offset printing machine, made another investment decision for the 2020 book printing season eighteen months later and shook hands with Komori representative Aras Makina on the third web offset printing machine.

Mustafa Ertem, owner of Ertem Basim: “If our economic structure had been suitable, I would have ordered 3 machines on the day I went to the Komori Graphic Center-Europe in The Netherlands, 1.5 years ago. I could see it, but in those days, our economic structure allowed us to by only one machine. Aras group was with us and supported us”.


The modern printing house in Turkey with its impressive capacity, technology and quality in the printing of education and culture books, adds the third web offset printing machine to their structure within two years. Along with the machine to be installed in 2020, another 16-page web offset printing machine will be added to Ertem Basim’s machine pool within the next 2 years. 


Komori European President Ken Sagawa on how the Komoris System 38S web offset printing press stands out: “Our primary goal in 16 pages web printing machines is beyond high circulation; we aim for the speed in transition from task to task and efficiency, especially in shorter circulations. For this reason, we offer the most ambitious technologies in quality, speed and efficiency, thanks to the high automation and control systems offered as standard. We have developed optimization and standards for our machines. Productivity is at the forefront. It also makes us happy to hear that our machines operate with very low waste rates and high efficiency. The fact that the Komori System 38S web offset printing machine is being used for 2,000 prints at Ertem Basim, and the fact that this production is being carried out with only 250 wastage, motivates us.”


Credits: MatbaaHaber, Ali Tamer Ardıç


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