Komori's Revolutionary Print Technology Draws Visitors at drupa 2024

For 11 days, from Tuesday, May 28 to Friday, June 7, 2024, drupa 2024 was held in Düsseldorf, Germany, with the theme "we create the future." According to the organizers, there were 1,643 exhibitors and organizations, and visitors came from 174 countries. Under the theme of Connected Automation, Komori promoted automation to maximize customer value and proposed solutions that are friendly to both people and the environment for a sustainable future. Additionally, new models of offset and digital machines were unveiled, attracting significant attention from visitors around the world.

Commercial Printing Zone

  • Lithrone G37P advance EX Edition (GL-837P-A) 37-inch Eight-Color Convertible Perfecting Offset Printing Press with H-UV L (LED) Curing
  • MBO K80 B1 size Combi Folder
  • MBO A80 Stack Delivery
  • MBO CoBo-Stack Palletizing Robot
  • AGILOX ONE Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) New

Digital Printing Zone

  • J-throne 29
29-inch Sheetfed UV Inkjet Digital Printing Press Debut 

Package Printing Zone

  • Lithrone GX40 advance EX Edition (GLX-740A + CC) 
UV-equipped 40-inch Seven-Color Sheetfed Offset Printing Press with Inline Double Coater


Demonstration 1: Commercial Printing Zone

The Lithrone G37P advance EX Edition is equipped with three technologies that contribute to sustainable printing. First, the Smart Inking Flow not only ensures stable density control but also reduces energy consumption by alleviating the load on the rotary drive. Second, the press features an economical and environmentally friendly DC blower that achieves stable paper transport, high rotation, high efficiency, and compact, lightweight design. Third, with the e-Mist system equipped on the EX Edition, micro-mist directly controls the humidity of the paper, not only improving sheet alignment in the delivery but also optimizing energy efficiency in terms of humidification time, power consumption, and water consumption.


Demo GLX740 Advance EX edition
Demo GL837P Advance

In the demonstration, under the concept of Connected Automation, a Smart Factory was showcased where printing, folding, and the AGILOX ONE autonomous mobile robot (AMR) were automatically linked using KP-Connect Pro. A printing demonstration was held using Autopilot, an automation technology that improves the efficiency of manual work. In parallel with printing three jobs, the AMR received instructions from KP-Connect Pro and automatically received paper from the delivery and transported it to the MBO K80 folding machine. The folded printed materials were then automatically stacked on pallets by the MBO CoBo-Stack. Additionally, the AMR transported the materials to the adjacent Postpress Alliance corner, demonstrating linkage with Hohner's HSB13.000 saddle stitching machine.

Demonstration 2: Digital Printing Zone

The J-throne 29 achieves the world's highest-class ROI with improved performance, doubling the speed of the current Impremia 29s. In the demonstration, the machine printed 90 sheets in B2 size with 30 variable images at a class-leading speed of 6,000 sph in single-sided printing. Afterward, it demonstrated double-sided printing by switching to perfecting mode and changing the printing paper.

Demonstration 3: Package Printing Zone - Smart Color

Two jobs using Smart Color with the Lithrone GX40 advance were demonstrated. Smart Color uses a total of seven colors, four process colors plus orange, green, and violet, to simulate special colors with halftone dots, significantly enhancing productivity and environmental performance in package printing. During job switching, Smart Color technology eliminates the need for color changing and roller cleaning, thus reducing changeover time. Because the inks are set, it can operate with standard densities. The demonstration also showed how the Autopilot technology substantially reduces adjustment time.

Demonstration 4: Package Printing Zone - Super Short Makeready

Two jobs of package printing with special colors were performed using the Lithrone GX40 advance. The demonstration showed how quickly and easily special color changes, which previously took a long time, can now be performed. After completing the first job of 500 sheets at the maximum speed of 18,000 sph, plate changing, blanket cleaning, ink washing, coater plate replacement, and ink settings were automatically performed by Super Short Makeready. The second job's test printing was produced approximately 9 minutes after the first job ended.

Corner Exhibits

At the Komori booth, we introduced a corner showing products and solutions focused on environmental initiatives and cost reduction for printing factories along with numerous products and print samples from various businesses, including the security printing business.

Print Gallery

With the cooperation of customers from all over the world (15 companies from 7 countries), we exhibited a wide variety of print samples produced on Komori printing presses.

KP-Connect Zone

In the Komori booth, technical staff presented case studies and offered technical consultations. We found that many customers had an interest in the automated management of production sites.

Print Technology Zone

  • Printed Electronics (PE) 

We showed innovative next-generation print technology that is playing an active part in various fields by means of samples and videos. There was significant interest in RFID technology, allowing attendees to experience the expanding range of applications for this technology.

  • Komori-Chambon 

We displayed the latest blanket that can freely change the printing length (repeat length), attracting attention from many visitors.

Komori Theater

At the Komori booth, we welcomed everyone in a special theater setting. We presented exclusive information and the latest details about new machines available only at the drupa venue using videos that captured the interest of many customers.

Order (LOI) Results 

Delivery of the exhibited Lithrone GX40 advance (GLX-740A + CC) to the Wilkins Group in the UK has been confirmed.

We formed a cooperative relationship with Yongcheng Shanda Printing Technology Co., Ltd. in China and secured multiple orders for the Lithrone G40 advance. C&C Joint Printing Co., (H.K.) Ltd. also signed contracts for the installation of multiple Lithrone GX40RP advance presses.

From India, we received many orders, with a significant increase in orders for package printing machines as well as many orders from various other regions, indicating the success of Komori at drupa 2024.

We are grateful for the large number of customers who visited the Komori booth every day, making it a great success. We appreciate everyone who came. Komori always provides products with an eye on the next generation from the customer's perspective. We will continue to propose total printing systems to solve customer issues, such as cost reduction, increased operational efficiency, and high added value. We all look forward to seeing you at the next drupa.


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