A special message from Mr. Kajita - proud of the past, persistent for the future

In this special video, Mr. Kajita reflects on the past and the strong history of Komori. Komori literally rose from the ashes in 1923, when the Great Kanto earthquake struck Japan. The two brothers Zenshichi and Yoshikazu Komori started from nothing and established Komori Machine Works. Years later, Komori was challenged again after the destruction of the second world war. Ever since Komori has had a strong focus on innovation. 

After a century, Komori still strives for excellence. Mr. Kajita explains the ambition and focus for the future of Komori. Komori will continue to present innovative solutions to improve production efficiency, visualize costs and increase customer profits. In this fast-changing market landscape, Komori is dedicated to becoming number one in ROI. Under the theme of connected automation Komori is adding to GX/G advance series, for both commercial and packaging printing. 

With new innovative solutions like KP-Connect, Autopilot, and Smart Colour Komori transforms the printing plants into Smart Factories, that are prepared for the future.

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