A day visiting Komori Graphic Center-Europe is a day well spent

Located within Komori Europe is our Graphic Center-Europe, you might say
'the heart' of our headquarters. It offers visitors the chance to see the latest Komori printing presses in action, as well as some fan favourites. 

We believe that KGC-E enables us perfectly to support our customers with tests, technical trainings, seminars and (regional) research and development -ultimately- overcoming tomorrow's challenges.

KGC-E currently houses

  • Impremia IS29
  • GL-529 + Coater
  • GL-437
  • GL-540 + Coater
  • GLX-640 + Coater
  • Apressia CTX132
  • Highcon Euclid III
Ad Ekelschot Manager KGC-E
"Please visit the Komori Graphic Center-Europe to experience the full solution."

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